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November 10, 2012

Living at Clark: Why Clark is my Home 2/4

I can’t say I love everything about Clark or Worcester. It bothers me at times that I can’t go walking around at 2 in the morning on my own and feel safe – a luxury I often took for granted back in Boulder. I don’t like that I’m thousands of miles from my best friends Alice, Betsy, Conrad, Emily, Lindy and Lili as they stayed in Colorado. I wish I was at the same University as Steph in Ohio.

I don’t like not having a car, though I did get ZipCar and having that possibility is definitely nice. I don’t like a lot of the realizations that came with becoming an adult, many of which came along with my arrival at Clark University.

But that’s just life.

People move on with their lives. If I’d stayed and gone to CU many of my friends would still have gone to other states. If I had had the luck of my friends staying and going to CU, Boulder as we all moved on and got jobs, got married, and moved for other imaginable reasons.

However, now I have my friends here and I only have FIVE semesters left to spend long nights and weekends laughing with them. It is somewhat strange for me, having mostly spent my time after moving making fast friends and forgetting them shortly after I left that place, to be outside of Colorado and having friends that I strongly believe could last until I’m old and even more forgetful.

-End Part Two-

Sunny skies ahead

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