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May 7, 2014

And Just as Suddenly as it Began…

So how does one celebrate the end of an undergraduate career?


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Barbecues, festivals, and escaping into nature.

The weather is finally (hopefully) staying relatively warm now, and we’ve all been taking full advantage: porch birthday bbqs; NYC quicktrips to celebrate Holi in some random Brooklyn neighborhood with newfound friends Allyson and Janine; and performing an endless cycle of eating and napping (with a little bit of kayaking and woodland exploration thrown in) at Jake’s lakehouse out in Goshen.
It’s been the most wonderful of weeks.

But now, I’m back in Worcester. And this is the last day of my blog.

Yeah, I know – weird, right?
I’ve been blogging nearly the entire time I’ve been at Clark. And looking back through it all now, it’s actually kind of amazing to reflect on everything I’ve done.

From dancing to Taylor Swift in the mornings with Maya in our double in Dodd, to dancing to Taylor Swift in our off-campus apartment as we get ready to go out (okay, so some things don’t change in four years’ time). From panicking about the height of Worcester snowbanks, and thinking that I wanted to be an International Relations major, to caving and buying snow boots, and  finishing a thesis in my double majors of Art History and my self-designed German Studies…

I’ve held 6 jobs (Admissions Diarist, Communication and Culture Office Assistant, ArtsWorcester Gallery Assistant, WorcesterMag Intern, Week One 2013 Orientation Coordinator, ChaCha Employee); taken 37 classes; joined the Quidditch team for a semester; changed my major 3 times; participated in 7 Sinfonia concerts (one of which my dad actually made it out for!); studied abroad in Berlin for 4 months; spent a summer in Denmark, a summer split between India and here (with a visit from my lovely siblings!), and a summer traversing Europe for art.

I’ve lived in 1 dorm and 4 different apartments with a grand total of 9 roommates (but always kept my beautiful, random-selection-freshman-year roomie. Maya, I love you <3 ).
I’ve spent time in more states than ever before (Ohio, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, D.C., Arizona).
I had cross-continental and cross-country reunions all over the place: from old Rotary friends stopping by Worcester from Australia, Brazil, Belgium, and…more Australia haha, to meeting up with a friend from Alaska over the summers. Four beautiful friends I met at Clark came out to visit me in Oregon over summer and winter breaks. I’ve met up with 4 of the amazing non-Clarkies I met while in Berlin, and one friend who I hadn’t seen for 4 years, but who I bumped into on the subway in New York.

I’ve celebrated three birthdays and one Thanksgiving at Clark, met some amazing people and made amazing connections through professors, coworkers, bosses. I’ve received countless heartwarming carepackages from my parents and endured the stress of countless last-minute late-night papers (seriously, never once did I learn to just do it early haha). I once drove to school with friends in a hurricane. I went apple picking and fulfilled a childhood dream inspired by one of my favorite books.

I’ve acquired, I think, 6 (?) tattoos since beginning college (well….when I put it that way…) and gone through a myriad of hairstyles (short, long, dark, ombre, dreads, shaved). I hosted a couple Christmakkuh parties, and weekly Sunday night dinner parties junior year.
I attended 1 Backstreet Boy concert, built 5 forts, attended 1 prom, got 1 new piercing, performed in 1 Gala dance, got 1 degree, am in 2 Honor Societies,
…and am headed into 1 Masters program.

For now ;)

The question everyone is asking now is, not surprisingly, “what’s next?”
And honestly, I’m kind of glad I don’t know an exact answer. I like knowing that there are endless possibilities of what I can do with my post-grad life.
I’m painting the dorms over the summer, and taking 3 courses for the MPA program. And then the school year will be spent finishing my degree and having some sort of day job.
And summers and winters and any sort of break I can get will be spent on adventures. If I had to guess, this is probably how it’s gonna go:
Graduate from the MPA program;  spend the summer on a motorcycle tour in the Himalayas and/or on the archaeology excavation in Turkey with Prof. Townsend; move to Oregon and spend 8 months training for the PCT; hike the PCT for 5 months; move to Texas.
That’s as far as I’ve gotten haha but I like it.
I can’t think of the perfect thing to end on, but I’m gonna chalk it up to the fact that it’s actually really sad to think about. But also, I’m not really leaving Clark yet, so there’s not the biggest of goodbyes to be had.
So instead, I’ll end on a faltering note. Kind of like how I started this whole four-year-long shebang.

Goodbye, my dears. It’s been a trip.

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