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April 30, 2014

And just like that…

I am done.
Guys, I’m done.

Just like that.
One day, I’m sitting in a lecture. The next, I’m officially done with my undergraduate degree. No climactic moment, no euphoric throwing of my papers in the air as I run through campus, flailing my arms wildly above my head.
It’s just done.

The last week was….well I want to say crazy, because it probably should have been. But it’s actually been really, really chill. And just…nice.
I turned in my appeal assignment (basically made a brochure asking for donations for this awesome cat sanctuary in Rome I stumbled upon last summer); I saw my last Shenanigans show (one of our improv groups – actually so hilarious); Kristin and I just held our last Stone Age review section before their exam; and, oh yeah, I GOT HIGH HONORS ON MY THESIS!! Guys. It was probably the most exciting news I’ve ever gotten concerning the grading of something I’ve written. Ever. All that hard work finaly paid off :D I’m so happy!

Speaking of the thesis project, I also participated in Academic Spree Day as a member of the Art History panel. So I gave a 20 minute presentation about my project to anyone interested that stopped by, and answered questions, etc. Also, two of my paintings from class were displayed by the conference rooms in the UC that day.

0425141620a  0425141620

See? There on the bottom left is the Noam Lisa, and bottom center in the right photo is my still life. Also: how impressive are my classmates’ paintings, right?! I mayyyy be obsessed with both the blue still life and beach scene next to my still life.

Ooh, also, I wanted to show you the process to reach my final two paintings for class, seeing as how I showed you all the others. Shoddy quality, but that’s what I get for hating smartphones.

0404141446  04041415490408141446a  04301412230425140710  0430141222

Other than strictly academic things, what have I been doing as my undergrad time comes to a close…well, I taught an art history “lecture” at Laina’s unschool! For those of you who haven’t heard of unschooling before, it’s basically this relatively new concept that encourages learning outside of a formal academic setting. Instead, it promotes learning from those around us in everyday life. So Laina (one of my painting peers) started holding sessions in her apartment, having students who are passionate about a subject talk about it with their peers and teach them something. Cool, right?? It was so much fun. I think I made a couple new Caravaggio fans ;) Muahahaa, soon everyone will love the baroque!

Regarding where I’m gonna live now: my lease ends June 1st. So I just paid my last month’s rent at this apartment :( and also just paid my security deposit + first  and last month’s rent on my new apartment down the street haha. Not moving far, but still…moving out of this house is gonna be ROUGH. My roomies and I have been living together for 2 years, and Maya and I have been together for 4. Separating our things is going to be actually impossible.

Speaking of absolutely nothing whatsoever concerning the previous paragraphs…
Clark’s Student Activities Board organized an event for something like 90 of us to go to Six Flags for free!
Jackie, Seth, Leo and I spent the whole day there, and had SUCH a blast. We went on all the crazy coasters (and man, can those boys scream hahah), ate brisket burgers, had Johnny Rockets shakes, and just generally chilled out while we forced our bodies to produce a lot of adrenaline hahaha. And I have literally zero pictures from the trip, aside from this one of the “Boom boom sauce” from the bbq place we ate lunch at. Go figure.


 And while we’re on the topic of food, a few things:
1) My friend Jake threw a end-of-the-semester sort of bbq. Which, I know, you’re thinking “why is this important?”
BECAUSE.  Leo and I made Chocolate Chip Cookie Grilled Cheeses for it. Don’t knock it til you try it, folks. So good.
2) A lot of professors have been treating their students to end-of-the-year meal sorts of deals. The first one this year was in lieu of my last capstone class. Prof. Wilson took our class first on a field trip to the Aud (old multipurpose arena, now condemned, where American Hustle was just filmed, no big deal…)

0428141224   0428141224a

0428141235  0428141219  04281412200428141233   0428141228b

[photos from top left to bottom right: awesome zodiac-encircled Art Deco light fixture; inside the auditorium space itself, used for the film, circuses, orchestras, etc back in the day; the giant mural that I couldn't convey the size of if I tried.]

and then she took us to Lucky’s Cafe for lunch. Just so we could all hang out and chat about life. So sweet, right?

Next came the Art History dinner.
Our three Art History department professors invited us all out to Prof. Townsend‘s house to eat this beautiful and absolutely delicious traditional Greek spread that he and his wife prepared. Firstly: he lives on an old potash farm, whatever that is. But the house is from…1770-something, if I heard correctly? Basically riiiiight around the time America was established. So it’s really old, and really cool. Wood stoves abound, everything feels and smells really cozy and homey…and his house is full of really nice art. Like…really nice. He’s living the art historian dream. I mean, he has a Diego Rivera watercolor. (!!!) DUDE. Come on. Too cool.

And then today was the German department lunch! Now, as you probably know…Clark doesn’t actually have a German department haha. So it was just Professors Tobin and Salyer, and then Ilana and I. Nice and small :p
Tobin took us to the Sole Proprietor (heads up fam – we have reservations there for grad weekend, wooo!), and we all just chatted about our plans for the summer, for next year, and how our theses went, etc. And then when we got back to campus, Prof. Tobin inducted us into Delta Phi Alpha, the German Society that has been inactive at Clark since like, 2006 haha. He swore us in (in German) and we wrote our names in the book from 1933 that lists all previous Clark chapter members of the society. Cool, right? :D Fun times. And THEN (yes – more food things) – we headed off to the Phi Beta Kappa “tea and cakes” reception. The day just kept getting better and better.

And now? Off to New York on Friday to celebrate Holi, and then camping at Jake’s lake house! :D


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