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April 7, 2014

Summer Baby, I am Ready for You

From the mouth of one of the most eloquent speakers of our time comes a description of today’s weather, weather that can only be reported as “very medium”, “such brisk”, and “wow sky is clear”.

Hence why I’ve been in a mindset of “WOOO SUMMAHHHH” and not like “OOOH HURRY UP AN FINISH MY THESISSS”.
Sorry not sorry.
It’s freaking beautiful outside.

The world, however, will not let me forget about responsibilities for long. Clark just sent us seniors emails about “Exit Counseling,” which is basically a “How to repay your loans 101″ online course.
Gack! ( <– Thats a combo of gah and ack. i was so freaked out and flustered that I just couldnt decide).

To make ourselves feel better (and because it was April Fool’s Day), Ruth, Ilana, and I transformed into  ultimate prank masters. *dramatic theme music*
Nah, but actually, we were actually probably some of the worst prankers ever hahaha we cracked ourselves up WAY more than anybody else.
Prank #1: Fill all the mugs in Ilana’s house with Jello.
How we envisioned it: The boys would wake up, make coffee, try to pour some into a mug, and either not see and then have strawberry coffee, or be like hmm that’s weird, lemme grab another cup….hmm more jello…wait what is happening. 
What actually happened: Nobody noticed the jello ALL DAY. Ruth even stood behind Noam eating jello out of the mugs and nobody noticed. So we finally just switched their water cups for the mugs. We were still laughing way harder though.
Prank #2: Be eating Danny’s falafel as he walks in while coming back from the gym. The falafel he talked about being excited to eat for like, 15 minutes before he went to said gym. But then order him another that will be there soon after.
How we envisioned it: He would come in, see us eating it, his face would fall, and we’d eventually tell him there was another.
What actually happened: More or less that, but our guilt overpowered our urge to prank him hahaha and we caved.
And finally, Prank #3: Fill Noam’s room with pictures of cats, which he super hates. Struggle bus because Noam wouldn’t leave the house, soooo we ended up doing it April 2nd. Actually ended up being hilarious though – he walked into his room and just yelled “EWWW” over and over hahaha. Success. *self high five*
cats noam

Back to the real world though.
As I near the end of senior year, I feel it is my duty to give a final run down of what’s going on in my classes:

Painting II: Beyond the Surface
 Our last two assignments are figure painting and en plein air. So we’re all doing a study of a reclining male nude in class, and then en plein air is basically just the act of painting outdoors, and seeing how being at a loss of control regarding your environment affects your style. Today was the first day I started it. Leo and I retreated to the zen garden, and he actually ended up in my painting, because I mean, check out that hat. He reminded me of Van Gogh, a theme which then mind its appearance in the brushstrokes of my sky, too. I’m curious to see how it turns out…
en plein air 
Fundraising & Grant Writing
Our final projects kiiinda of just snuck up on us. I don’t feel as bad because everyone’s a little like “wait what”, but still. The pressure to finish everything is on!
We have two assignments. #1 write a grant appeal to an assigned business for Jeremiah’s Inn Food Pantry; and #2 create an “appeal”, which is basically a little pamphlet or brochure of sorts that could be sent in the mail as an appeal for donations for an organization. Still haven’t quite figured out what I’m doing…but we’ll see.
German 102 TA
Going well – just did some journal writing/editing with them, chatted about studying abroad. Chill class :)
Stone Age PLA
Word of advice: GO TO KNIGHTS EXHIBIT!!! Located at the Worcester Art Museum.
Dudes, I’m not kidding – place was unreally cool, and this is coming form a girl who really loves museums already. There was a kids area with beanbag chairs and medieval fairytale books, costumes to get dressed up in (which, uhm  I DID); there were paintings and sets of armor; little areas where if you walked over them, some narrator would start talking out of the speakers above….there was even THIS:
dark knight

Yes. The Dark Knight! Get it, geeet iitttt!??
Hahaha I died, it was too great.
Seriously. Go. 

The Art of Art History: Methods and Teaching
I’m actually super duper ahead on all these readings. Mostly because it is my productive procrastination vice. Sooo while I no longer have work for this class….I do have…
My Thesis
I refuse to talk about this, except to say it’s due April 15th. ACK! I’ve said too much!!Moving on…
GALA HAPPENED!!For those who were unable to watch it, the live stream is at this link. It’s still up, and you can totally watch it now :)
I can’t even describe how happy I am I participated this year. Sitting in the squash courts with everyone, getting psyched up for the dances, cheering each other on, playing guitar and singing songs together….it was really just so wonderful, there was so much love.
It reminded me of back in the day when I would go to Rotary events with all the exchange students. Which is the best feeling in the world, sooo.. :D
My boss at ArtsWorcester even came to see the show! She could not stop raving the next day at work, it was so sweet.

971327_10202657291410762_1513794145_n  1554501_10152501071626055_1647694722360935964_n

Aww  <3 I’m gonna miss jumping around and screaming “Dokoisho dokoisho! Soran soran!!” with these kids every week. :p

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