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March 18, 2014


John Butler for Dayyyyys


Hello my Clarkie and hopefully-soon-to-be-Clarkie dearests!

Life is a whirlwind of crazy and I am trying my hardest not to feel it haha.
A brief schedule update will do better at elucidating my thoughts than any narrative I can do at this point – my brain is in a million places right now, none of which are seemingly static.

Okay so this week:
Monday: 2 classes, post blog (lol), doctor’s appointment, figure out financial aid/fafsa dealios for 5th year, work on tax forms (ew, adulthood), send resume in, start my self portrait, finish all (ALL STEFANIE, SERIOSULY ALL OF IT) freewriting for thesis (60+ pages – can’t talk about it).
Tuesday: work starts at 10am, classes get out at 9:30pm. No breaks inbetween. Also, chore night.
Wednesday: PLA meeting, class, sinfonia, THESIS DUE (!!!) [rough draft, but still. DUE. *starts hyperventilating], possible Japan gala dance practice.
Thursday: work, lead jeopardy review for art history discussion section, german TA, try to make it to a prof’s lecture about Leonardo at the WAM, get my parent’s a car rental for when they visit me for grad.
Friday: visit Donna at the Comm. Office (because she’s the best Clark employee in the world, duh), class, sinfonia dress rehearsal at Holy Cross, Senior Prom (yes I know – it’s a thing this year hahaha it’s pretty great).
Saturday: final dress rehearsal and CONCERT at Mechanics Hall! [3pm by the way if anyone's interested :) ]. then gala dance practice.
Sunday: breathe. also figure out when I’m going skydiving. And send in my CV. And probably paint my self-portrait some more. But that I’m actually stoked for, because I’m thinking of doing it in this man’s style – Nikos Gyftakis. He’s a cool cat. Check out his stuff here, it’s worth your time. All swirly and whoa-like.

 P.S. I don’t know if you know this, but Mechanics Hall is beautiful.


ALSO: all that resume stuff? Yeah, well it’s for various internships I need/want/definitely should have just for the experience. Especially because the MPA program really wants us to complete an internship during 5h year. So while researching what other Clarkies have done for their internships in the past, I was actually coincidentally  contacted by a recent Clark alum (and current 5th year MPA student, aka hello future me). She reads our blogs and currently works at a management consulting firm in Boston, Argopoint LLC, for which she herself blogs! Her last few were about organizational culture and then actually about Clark! So I thought I’d share. The blog is called “Things That Matter,” and she writes about Venezuela and Clarkie engagement in the issue. So check it out! It’s a quick read, and it’s always awesome to see what our community gets up to after we leave.


So that’s kind of my life right now.
And that’s what I try to squeeze in when all I really want to do is hang out with my friends, eat burritos, and take naps. Is that too much to ask??


But I shouldn’t complain – life is actually super awesome right now. Remember how I wrote last semester about how everyone seemed to be having a really hard time for no particular reason? This semester seems….better. Just overall way chiller (despite the crazy I just rambled on about). And I’m just harboring a lot of love for everyone and everything right now so I’ve actually been confronting my innate hatred of plan-making and hanging out with people and taking full advantage of my opportunities to be reckless with my eating choices haha.
Sarah and I had a catch-up dinner with the main course being a chocolate cake. Whaaat, we made it from scratch! We realized after that we should have some real food too….so we ordered mozzarella sticks and onion rings. The full food pyramid, obviously. <3

I watched Leo (The Classon boy) teach Emma and Ilana to make pizza, which I really wish I had a video from because it was hilarious.

0316142055  0316142055a

My roomies and I celebrated Elyse paying off one of her loans with cake and toasts to accomplishing something huge from the real world that we all still walk the line of:


And then we’ve had a few family brunches at Ilana’s house.


I made æbleskivers yesterday for everyone, but there are no pictures because I and everything around me was covered with batter. Turns out I am not the most graceful of batter-scooper-outers.

What are æbleskivers, you say? Glad you asked! :D
Danish pancake balls, more or less. They are the sole reason (well, maybe kebabs, too…) that I gained 20 pounds studying in Denmark in high school. Would totally do it again though – they’re the best things in the world. THE WOORRRLLDD!

Weird enough though, I got the recipe from the mom of a friend I played volleyball with in like, 6th grade who also has some Scandanavian heritage and we ate them once at a sleepover. Soooo round the world it goes?
And if you want the recipe (which you will, after seeing all these pictures), it’s really simple:
2 cups self-rising flour + 2 eggs + 2 tbsp melted butter + 2 cups milk. Mix and let sit 15-30mins. Pour into pan and create the most magical of all edible things. Easy peasy!
Oh, also, you need the proper pan. And then don’t try to use it for anything else, like I did sophomore year because I was a’lackin’ a muffin pan. Can’t blame a girl for trying.

They look like this:

ableskivers  ak

But you can do all sorts of crazy things with them, like THIS!:

1-dd-Crepe-Cake-82-600x900  6a01156fed7f97970c017c36df1549970b-800wi

 The fish thing is weird. Don’t do that.

Buuut I’m gonna stop, because I know productive procrastination when I see it.
Goodbye, loves.
Happy Monday :)

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  1. Fileona Dkhar
    Mar 20 2014

    those fish things need to be an art piece. #studioartprojectideas

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