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February 5, 2014


Snow Days and a Lot of Restaurants

Climbing over the snowbank outside of my house to get to the library today was like going on an excavation in search of the giant polar bears that could have been hiding under piles of frozen precipitation. POLAR BEAR SIZED PILES OF SNOW. I may or may not have put on my best Steve Irwin accent and pretended that’s exactly what I was doing, but that’s neither here nor there. ;)

So my birthday happened! The big 22. My friends were all so sweet, and helped me celebrate by throwing a little party for close friends (in which Leah, Sheya, Jackie, and Rachel performed a dance from their African Dance class hahaha);


Sarah and Sarah (confusing, I know) not only went to Sol of Mexico with me (uhmm, best Mexican food in Worcester, JUST SAYIN’), but also surprised me by dropping off treats from Sweet on my birthday morning! THEY’RE SO GREAT!

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 Also, Maya and I had roomie night and just snuggled in bed watching Valentine’s Day and eating delivery from Thai Time haha laziest day ever.

Other shenanigans that have been going on? Super Bowl fiesta funtimes, that’s what. Just look at that (albeit blurry) feast below!


A bunch of us chipped in and got chips, salsa, hummus, (yes, that is a giant pot of homemade guac), veggies, the boys made soooo many wings….it was basically amazing. Every Super Bowl should be like that! Minus the insanity of the actual game, but I digress.

Classes and work are going well right now too, things are just a little hectic right now as I try to finish my two paintings before Friday, and prepare the gallery for ArtsWorcester‘s 10th Annual College Show!!
If any of you are around on Friday, you should stop by! The work is truly beautiful, I’m always crazy impressed by how creative and freaking good student artists are. 6-8pm, 660 Main Street! And if that’s not enough incentive…gallery opening receptions have free noms. And cheap drinks. Sooo…..come visit me! :D

  1. Jeremy Levine
    Feb 5 2014

    That Guac. Oh man. I want it.

  2. Stefanie Gough
    Feb 5 2014

    Dude it was SO DELICIOUS!!
    Also, came from the biggest avocados I’ve ever seen. And they were SWEET!! So bizarre.

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