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December 17, 2013

My Life on a Purple Bedspread

I am so close. So close to the end, I can taste it.

Not all semesters are this hard. I mean, there’s always the finals struggle and the lack of motivation. But this….wheewwww, this was something else. And now all I have left is to finish up one last paper before I can finally sleep instead of nap, and go home to cuddle with my dog and hang out with my family!

The last few days (or is it weeks? Months?! Who knows…time is not a thing anymore) of my life, however, have been spent right here.


Say hello to Ilana’s room. That’s right, instead of following Jeremy’s (really wise) advice and studying in the AC, we’ve taken to locking ourselves in her room and desperately trying to get our papers done, while actually running into the biggest mental blocks we’ve ever experienced. Super frustrating.

That’s not to say we haven’t somehow managed to get things done though! Have no fear Mom – I did in fact get all 8 of those essays for my management course done on time and turned in. I did it. Breathe.

I even had a rather productive period yesterday where a friend actually had to remind me to stand up because he’d observed that I hadnt moved in the last 6 hours. If that’s not success, I don’t know what is ;)

And this morning, Leo and I stayed up long enough to do the mandatory semester no-sleep-til-Annie’s! Cutting it rather close, seeing as how it’s the last day before I fly home haha. It was the nicest break I’ve had in the last few days, besides taking those sweet, sweet naps. I had bacon, we all worked together to find Red Cab’s phone number to have them bring back a girl who forgot her suitcase there…it was a funny moment in a good community of people that reminded me to just freaking relax and take a deep breath before buckling down to do what I need to do to go home.

I feel bad because there’s really not that much to tell – like I said, literally just been in that room (^^), writing papers fer dayyyyyz. I haven’t even had time to reflect on the fact that it’s the end of my last Fall Semester as an undergrad. ….reality is not a thing for me either, right now haha. It’ll probably sink in once I get a full night’s rest.

My next post is going to be coming from Oregon! So, hold onto your hats ladies and gentlemen. It’s going to be full of puppy pictures.

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