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October 19, 2013


The Bucket List

I’ve decided to create a Bucket List.
It’s my senior year, what have I yet to do in Worcester?
SO MUCH! (Most of it’s food, not gonna lie.)
To be fair though, I will (hopefully) be here for 5th year,  so I do have extra time.A few of my friends and I have gotten together to do a bunch of them, but I still have so much left, so I thought I’d share.  :)

  • Buy Clark apparel shorts. I really only have my high school running shorts, for shaaaaame.

  • Take a spur of the moment trip

  • Go skydiving (I think it’s been decided we’re doing this at the end of the year :D)

  • Cheesy spring break trip. Can’t believe I still haven’t done this.

  • Take pictures of people who have made a difference in my college life

  • Go swimming in the campus pool. Seriously, haven’t been once. What’s wrong with me!?

  • Blackstone Canalfest. Basically a free block party with crafts and stuff.

  • Shrewsbury St. Shuffle. Meant to go this year….went to the free Backstreet Boys, Of Monsters and Men, Gavin DeGraw concert in Boston instead ;)

  • Make pottery at Clay and Cookies Cafe

  • Higgins Armory Museum. I need to hurry with this one, it’s closing so soon, if it hasn’t already.

  • see Niagara falls!

  • Keene Pumpkin fest! I’ve been twice, but I’ll never get over it <3

  • The Hotel Vernon. It was a speakeasy back in prohibition times! Apparently it’s a really cool place.
  • Extreme Restaurant. Why is it so extreme!?
  • Wholly Cannoli
  • Miss Worcester Diner
  • Super Chinese Buffet. I don’t think I actually want to go here, but I can’t help but laugh when I see the signs for it next to Savers.
  • Bollywood Grill
  • Kozara Sushi. Being put up right next to Baba sushi, literally right next to it…and owned by the same people.
  • Maria’s Kitchen
  • Anh Thu
  • Pho Dakao
  • Tropical Gardens – Ghanaian food :D
  • Cracker Barrel. Not gonna lie, I really just love their commercials
  • Zorba’s Pizzeria
  • The Sole Proprietor
  • 111 Chop House
  • Sweet T Kitchen


So that’s the plan. Can I do it all this year?…probably not haha something about trying to save money and living on a budget doesn’t mesh so well with eating out often.But the skydiving thing? Yes. I will not leave without it!!

Another thing I’m working on is actually finding my replacement for ArtsWorcester. It’s weird, I’ve been there for the majority of my college experience, so when the day comes that I stop working there…I don’t know. You know that feeling when you aren’t doing anything but you’re convinced that you’re forgetting to go somewhere? Yes. It will be that. Lots of that.
I’m hoping to continue volunteering there as a 5th year, but am not sure if the timings will work out because I’m going to need a paying job too.
Merhhh change…
On the bright side though! We just had another art opening for two shows. Seriously go check out this page, it’s got some great pictures of the show up.
This was my favorite from the upstairs exhibit:


Oh and a little bit of resolution for those of you just DYING to know what Sarah and I did with that pumpkin butter [I know, you've been at home checking your computers every day in the hopes that I'd finally tell ;) ] ….
*drum roll please*

We put it on toast!!
Ta daaaa!! 

1013132005   1013132021

So anticlimactic, but so delicious.
We had a little Fall Fest of our own, and made apple crisp, baked apples with butter and brown sugar, and had pumpkin butter toast. Best day <3

I have a midterm Tuesday and a case study presentation Wednesday…so I need to go be doing that. And my laundry.

  1. Jeremy Levine
    Oct 21 2013

    Maria’s Kitchen is SO GOOD. Let’s go. I’ve made it a plan.

  2. Stefanie Gough
    Oct 21 2013

    Perfect! Plan accepted. Let’s go one of those Wednesdays when we don’t have Sinfonia, eh? :D

  3. anon
    Oct 23 2013

    90% of your bucket list is food.

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