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October 6, 2013

City Hall-idays

Before you ask, no. My title has little to do with my post. City Hall, yes. Holidays? I’m pushing it a bit.
It was the only clever thing I could think of though, so there ya go.

Happy Sunday :)

It’s approaching that time of year again: Midterms timeScreen shot 2013-10-06 at 12.41.55 PM Normally, I’m much more aware of this fact because I’ll have 4 papers or tests coming up within the same short span of time. This semester though? I’ve been incredibly lucky.
My Arts of Islam class has 2 midterms spread out, so I don’t have my second one for a while. Neither my Directed Study nor my Issues and Cases courses have one. So that just leaves my Caravaggio class with an 8 page paper – short, in Art History paper terms. So I’m spending the time trying to super-catch-up-and-get-ahead on absolutely everything, so that I actually have time to look up grad school stuff and do little projects I’ve been putting off around the house.
Speaking of house projects real quick though,  Shannon made us new kitchen curtains!

They even match our oven mitt. She’s basically a genius.

Oh! And I finally put those maps up on my wall!
Here’s a couple of planning process and finish product shots.

Screen shot 2013-10-06 at 12.44.10 PM   Screen shot 2013-10-06 at 12.44.17 PM


My room FINALLY feels like my own haha it was so freaking empty before…

In un-house related news… ;)
For those of you incoming students who are hoping to get a Work Study job on campus, listen up:
Once you get here, there are a limited amount of on-campus positions available. However, what a lot of students don’t know, is that there are also Work Study positions outside of Clark. As in, throughout the Worcester community. Mine, for instance, happens to be at ArtsWorceester. These Community Work Study positions are #1 super cool because you’re able to get outside of the “Clark bubble” and explore the city you’re living in, and #2 like I said, are pretty unknown. So you’d have a rather fair shot at getting one. The reason I bring it up is because we just had a meeting a couple days ago with the rest of the program to talk about our responsibilities and goals. So it’s still fresh in my noggin’. Read more about it here.

And on the topic of work (man, these transitions are just coming out of nowhere!), I have two things I want to talk about. Firstly, a slightly embarrassing anecdote: I was working in the ArtsWorcester gallery on Monday when Juliet (my director) asked me to run down to City Hall to deliver an envelope. I went, figuring it’d be a breeze because it’s only, like, a 7minute walk from the gallery. What I didn’t realize, is that there would be SO much construction around it! I was wandering aimlessly through the construction site because their signs telling me where the entrance was temporarily moved to was TOTALLY WRONG! A nice man on the street had to help me navigate my way.

…to the front door, that is.
Yup. I got lost again.
At least I was in the building this time, though.

 0930131246   0930131247

So, here’s the thing with City Hall: there are NO visible labels with who’s door is whose. No signs downstairs listing who’s on what floor. WHY!?
Granted, I may have been completely oblivious to ones that were there…but I wandered through multiple offices and hearing rooms before I found a staffed reception desk to get directions at. Never again…

It is quite a beautiful building, to be fair. Loved the architecture.

So now, I’m off to finish a few short papers (2 pager, 4 pager, 8 pager) before I finish the rest of season 8 of HIMYM. Yes. I am that far behind.

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