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September 15, 2013

Sailboats and Bagels

Did you know that sending a letter to Australia costs the same as mailing a postcard to England? True story. Fun fact of the day, brought to you by the stamp misadventure of Maya and I.

This past week has been SO FULL. Of…everything.
I’m going to try to condense it for you all, but let’s not kid ourselves – I’m going to get carried away talking about pigeons, or cookie monster, or something else equally unrelated to my college world.

First of all: Food.
I use food as a means to socialize (muahaha, getting two things done at once!), and so I end up blogging about it a lot. Sorry not sorry.

Hillel had it’s first Bagel Brunch! That’s basically when they invite the entire campus to come over at midnight and eat bagels with mountains of cream cheese. And there’s juice, and hummus, and veggies, and cookies, and fun people all in their pj’s who rushed over after staring at the clock for an hours, waiting until free bagel time…
At least that’s what they, uh, I mean, other people….I definitely did not spend an hour procrastinating my paper by staring at a clock, no sirree. Must’ve been someone else…


I also went to Annie’s for the first of a series of weekly brunches with the girls who worked with me this summer as OCs. We all ordered almost the exact same thing (bacon egg and cheese breakfast sandwich with tots) but I ordered hash browns! Game changer.
Such is the exciting life I lead.
(That’s Sheya, being adorable.)

As for classes, I’m finally over the “first paper of the year” hump! See, every time a new school year (or sometimes semester) starts, I (and everyone else I know) realize that I’ve completely forgotten how to write academic papers. Seriously, I just sit there staring at my computer in desperation, with no idea what to do. How does one even start a paper?? Where has my vocabulary gone?? WHAT DO I DO ABOUT SOURCES?!

…all this for my two page analysis of a painting. Double spaced.
I know, I know – you don’t even need to say it.

Buuuut, after countless hours of making more coffee, watching “Round the Twist” on Youtube, and marinating and cooking a pound of salmon to eat while I drank probably a half gallon of chocolate milk….it was 4am, and I spent the next hour writing AND FINISHING the paper.

Every year.

My revised Honors Thesis proposal went in today! So before, I wasn’t sure if I was going to go with the Expressionist painting at the WAM by Lovis Corinth, or some baroque prints that they were keeping in their basement. But after a few consultations with my advisors, I’ve figured it out!

So this semester, I’m taking a Directed Study course with Professor Tobin (we grew up in the same city, no big deal), and we decided to call it “Freud and the Arts.” It’s supposed to help me prepare for the actual writing of my thesis project during the Spring. So I’ll be reading Freud’s works on Michelangelo, da Vinci, and his concept of the “uncanny.” In German. I’m so excited. :D

And then my plan is to do a psychoanalytic take on Corinth’s depiction of his wife through the mirror, and possibly relate it back to his mental state after having a stroke, and the transitions in his life as he switched styles from Impressionism. I’m also pretty bent on writing about his mental state after having a stroke. I’m going to slip it in somehow, I’m determined ;)
It’s going to be a lot, especially considering the fact that I’ve only taken one Psych course before. But I also really feel that it’s going to be an amazingly interesting project, which is important, seeing as I’ll be with it for a year.

Moving outside of my Clark world: we launched our new website at ArtsWorcester last week! Check it out. Seriously.

This is what it used to look like:

Screen shot 2013-09-02 at 11.24.42 PM


And this is what it looks like now!:

 Screen shot 2013-09-02 at 11.24.53 PM


Eh, ehhh?? ;) I love it so much. Two years in the making.

And then today, I went into Boston with a few friends who I’m trying to complete a “Senior Bucket List” with. We saw a FREE concert featuring Gavin DeGraw, Of Monsters and Men, and THE BACKSTREET BOYS!!
I mean…there were a bajillion people there, so it was hard to see them…but I did have a great view of the screen! And we were all singing along and everyone was being all nostalgic…it was cute. And it was the most beautiful day, with sailboats racing in the river as the sun set…absolutely lovely.

0914131704  0914131813

And then we went to our friend Harris’ house to celebrate Yom Kippur! Bagels, cobblers, chocolate, salmon…and the craziest, most hilarious grandpa I’ve ever met. He kept standing by the table as we filled our plates, yelling, “They’re taking all the foooood!!”
It was indescribably nice to be back in a setting with a real family. And they have a poodle!!  (I get kind of obsessed with people’s dogs).

Well, I have a lot of reading to do, or else I’d continue.
Until next time, my dears!

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