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September 6, 2013



On my walk to the registrar’s office this afternoon, I took a great picture of the brand new “Woodland formerly known as Downing” street (as it’s been affectionately dubbed) asphalt… but then I got a text which I answered as I kept walking away, and then proceeded to hit the end button…before seeing the “do you want to save this picture?” screen flash before my eyes.
So, moral of the story: no picture for you.
Maybe next time, champ.

The reason I was going to the Registrar’s Office in the first place? Well how convenient for me that you asked, I can tie that right in to something else I wanted to talk to you about ;)

I was going to turn in the Transcript Request form that came with the MPA Part 2 Application. Now, here’s where my story may get a bit convoluted and possibly turn into a rant…so bear with me. The Masters of Public Administration (MPA) program is one of Clark’s 5th year programs, and I’ve been provisionally accepted. So now there’s the whole “get three recommendations, fill out some forms, get a transcript” stuff to go through. But apparently, I can just print an unofficial copy of my transcript because I already go here…so the Registrar’s Office journey was kind of a bust.
This wasn’t the first confusion I’ve had with the program. This last Wednesday was the last day of the Add/Drop period for the Fall semester. After midnight on that day, students have had to pay $100 to add a new course to their schedule, and will get a “W” for Withdrawal on their transcript for anything they’ve dropped (not good).  Why does this matter to me? I was taking a course called Introduction to Management Information Systems, under the impression that it counted as one of the two required MPA courses I need to take at some point during my senior year.
I got an email Wednesday night reminding everyone provisionally accepted into the MPA program to make sure we have an MPA course in our schedule, so I thought I’d email the director back to double check that mine worked.
It didn’t.
Instead, the course I was taking was one that would waive the MPA Info Systems course and open my schedule next year up for another elective…but it didn’t count as an MPA course. (??)
So, completely panicked, I tried to add this “Issues and Cases” MPA course that one of my housemates is in, but kept getting an error code. I tried emailing the director of the program again, as well as the professor for the class I was trying to get into, the Registrar’s office…anyone and everyone. But, of course, to no avail. And this was all happening at 10pm, mind you, two hours before the deadline after which not only would I be charged $100 for adding the new course, but would have that horrible W on my transcript, too.

This is more or less what I looked like at this point:


In a last minute (aka 11:58pm) decision, I just dropped the Management course I was taking and hoped I could get into the MPA course in the morning.

I did, all was fine, it only took like, a 2 minute visit to the COPACE office to add the class, and poof! Just like that, all was solved. No fee, no W.
Totally freaked out over what turned out to be easily fixed, but man oh man, was that a stressful night.

Moral of this story: doubly double check that you understand the requirements of whatever programs you’re in. I had had meetings with the administration about the requirements before, but somehow still ended up in this situation haha so seriously. Get on it. You don’t want to realize at the last minute something you wish you had known at the beginning.
Hopefully from now on, all is smooth sailing.
Like this! Majestic, no?


Hmm, other adventures I’ve been on as of late…

Well, my PA group and I got together to reunionize a bit with the aid of chicken wings and cheesy waffle fries! It was so nice, I really missed my group. I mean, we used to see each other basically all day every day, and now we’re all back to having our own lives. So it was good to catch up. And they gave me the cutest card, filled with sweet messages about how they loved our group and Week One and ahhh I just love them. Shout-out to my otter babies! <3


[We're being otters. Duh.]

Last night, Maya and I (roomies since we were first-years, woop woop!) had a night in and just chilled. Well, I was vehemently avoiding writing my two-page essay, but Maya was chilling haha. We ate pizza and sang (poorly) our rendition of Taylor Swift’s “22” in my bed while I made punch in a couple of those pumpkin buckets people use to go trick-or-treating on Halloween and re-locked my one dread. Solid night, if I do say so myself.


Lots of work and other such adventures coming up soon!
See you :)

  1. Rian Watt
    Sep 8 2013

    Perfect post :)

  2. Stefanie Gough
    Sep 9 2013

    Aw, thanks Rian! :D

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