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August 30, 2013

Slow Transitions

This week has been really weird. First of all, classes started the day after Week One was over. So all my non-stop, late-night OC (Orientation Coordinator), PA (Peer Adviser), and Week One training days just…ended. I’m still settling into my new house (these green walls HAVE to go), and this is the first time I’ve really been back at Clark since last December.

I had one of my “newbies” from the Rotary exchange program I went on in High School come visit me the other day! Her name is Brooke, from Australia. And she just happened to be in Boston, so she drove to my house, and we went to Saigon for dinner, and then she drove back!…I hadn’t seen her in over 4 years, and it was like nothing had changed. I had finally let my hair grow out, but that was really the only difference. I loved it :) Oh, the connections we make…

This is a picture of us from back in the day. Classy eaters, we are…


I’m living with three of the five girls I lived with last year, and it’s been really nice to fall back into this support system we have. We had a house meeting on Tuesday, and felt like such adults, settling debts with our checkbooks, cleaning the fridge from all the mold that had apparently been left to do as it pleased for years, cleaning out the garbage bin on our porch…oh, the good years ;)

But honestly, I love this house. I love these girls. And I can’t wait to see what we pick up at the Dollar Store tomorrow in an attempt to further “nest” in this place.

Class have been great so far! I’ve come down with this really sucky cold/flu thing, so being mentally present in classes has been rough. But I’ve liked them all so far (I’ve really only been to each class once haha). Intro to Management Information Systems is held in Atwood – did you even know there were classrooms in there!? I sure didn’t. Top floor, true story.
My Arts of Islam class actually has like, 8 or 9 other PAs in there – everywhere I turned, it was like BAM! There’s more of us!! :D Couldn’t be happier – it will be a nice way to wean off all of the Week One love haha.

I just had my Caravaggio course today, and it’s off to a great start! Professor Garton and I were able to talk about how I should proceed with my Honor Thesis…
I have to make an appointment with the Worcester Art Museum to go into the basement to look at their prints from German Baroque times, and see if that’s maybe something I would be interested in writing 60 pages about. If not, I’m going to go with the painting by Lovis Corinth hanging in their gallery. Either way, I’m excited about the project’s possibilities.

Oh, and I completed one of the German 101 TA sessions! TA, for those who don’t know, is the teaching assistant. So I run a discussion group with half of the German 101 class, and we work on things that maybe the professor didn’t get to, or just reiterate those concepts even more. One of my best friends, Ilana, is my sidekick for my TA hour. And I’m her sidekick for hers. (We each have one session a week).
See, the thing is, Ilana and I went to Berlin together last semester. And we were placed in the same German level courses. She grew up speaking German, but has thus never really had to be bothered with the grammar or spelling…until now. Whereas I started learning German at Clark, and therefore have a much smaller vocabulary and fluency rate than she does…but I rock the grammar and spelling sections. Together, we are the German TA mastermind, muahahaha!!

…no but really, we complement each other really well, and thought that if we both went to every session, the 101 students would get a lot more out of our classes.

Other than that, there’s not a whole lot to write about…things are just getting started, everyone is still settling in…but I gotta say. Being reminded that I’m a senior like, every 5 seconds?….Making me a little bit anxious haha.

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