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December 16, 2012

The Last Time

How fitting that I just now happen to be listening to a track with the same name! Hehe

This will be my last post for a while, for reasons discussed here. I’m not gonna lie, I”m gonna miss it.
But no worries — as soon as I can successfully set up a blog for the Study Abroad office on either Blogspot or WordPress that shows pictures on the front page, I will be all over this blogging business again! ….(Struggling so hard haha)

I’m nearly done with everything before I go to Berlin!
This is my last post, I’m done at Comm, done at ArtsWorcester, done at WooMag, done with Financial Intelligence, done with Graphic Design, done with this semester’s OC meetings…
Just to finish this Gender & Representation paper about Artemisia, take the Stone Age final, pack, and GET OUTTA HERE!!
Off to the races, merry gentlefolk, I want to kiss my dog.
And, you know, celebrate the holidays, I guess :p
But only if these cookie cutters are involved; otherwise, no dice, man, holidays without ninjas just seem so dull these days…


And if you’re wondering what that food over there on the right is: Marcell and I went to One Love Cafe yesterday! FINALLY!! I’ve literally been trying to go there for years, but every time I walk by, they’re closed, regardless of said open hours on their front door. Yet every time I walk by in a rush to go to work, voila! There couldn’t be more enticing smells wafting out of the kitchen. So, finally, I got some roti and jerk chicken…another one bites the dust! Only…so many places left to try that I’ll never actually be able to do it all haha.

 Also!! In my last post I mentioned that my two friends from Australia were coming to visit, Alastair and Luke!
They did.
The end.

Haha jokes, but really, they did. They were here for about 5 days, and #1 everyone loved them, which made me super happy because bad house guests = super awkward. And #2 their love for our silly American things I don’t think 2 seconds about was probably the most adorable thing I’ve seen in ages.
In figure A down below, we can see Luke with his beloved Cheez-whiz. And in Figure B, Alastair’s first tattoo, courtesy of Miraculous Creations down the street.


They loved Taco Bell and cheap prices, marveled at our bread aisle and gallons of milk, enjoyed ArtsWorcester and the WAM; I took them to Annie’s and Da Lat, we saw the Turtle Boy statue and nommed on some Coney Island dogs…made a quick stop in the Worcester Public Library, checked out the new ice skating rink (scroll to “Worcester Common Oval adds cheer to holiday season”); they made a day trip to Boston when I had one of my finals; and we celebrated Alastair’s 21st!! Of course, he did end up forgetting his presents, along with literally my entire carry-on-suitcase-full’s worth of stuff during their rushed departure (we woke up 2 hours late, and they nearly missed their flight — yikes).

So basically, I tried to show them all of Worcester, during finals week haha.
And here are some pictures of their faces, because I just realized I haven’t shown you that yet. They’re wonderful wonderful kids, and just genuinely lovely people. And incredibly silly, so I struggled to find even these pictures. Left = Luke, Right = Alastair.


 And the backstory for their visit: Alastair and I were on Rotary exchange in Denmark together like, 4 years ago. Whooaaaa. Wow, I really should’ve prefaced this entire article section of their visit with this story haha. Whoops.

So that’s that! I’m off to finish my papers, and sleep at home, and celebrate Christmas with both my family I haven’t seen in a year and the boys when they make it to Oregon (!!), and travel to Germany, and digest my weight in bratwurst and architecture.

Adios, beautiful compadres (and “a”s? My Spanish sucks). It’s been real, and I’ll be back next Fall! :)
Love love love, and the best of luck with your endeavors from here on out you guys :)



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