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December 9, 2012

One Day

One day.
One day until my dad leaves to go back to Oregon.
One day until the last day of classes.
One day until Alastair and Luke get here from Australia.
One freaking day.

There is so much going on right now, and so many different factions of my life coming to a close (albeit a temporary one in most cases).
Graphic Design is over, we don’t have a final in there so at least that’s one less thing to think about! I had my last day at WorcesterMag already (you can check out my last two articles here and here — the first is from the Winter Guide 2012, I did “Stay Active with Mass Audubon” and Warm your soul”; the second is actually from the show at ArtsWorcester that we just opened this Friday!! Talk about a collision of worlds haha).

Speaking of the ArtsWorcester show…it was awesome!! And due to the fabulousness of my double-job-dom, I don’t even need to explain the premise to you. You just click on the link to my article, and BOOM! It’s even got a theeeeeme haha. Here’s a picture I snapped of my favorite piece from the show. It’s a giant death-eater-esque sculpture created my Nicholas Kantarelis. He’s genius, this thing is so cool!


And yes, those are real bones. Ooooohhhh

This weekend has actually been full of shows. Now only did I have the ArtsWorcester opening (and all my my friends had their dance/improv/etc performances), but we had our winter Sinfonia concert as well!

And who came down to see me perform? Why, my father did, of course!!
So I then had to take him to Annie’s (duh), Armsby Abbey (I had bone marrow, WHAT UP), and Sweet (magartia cupcakes are delicious and HOLY JEEZ it was moist!)


 Okay, back to the Sinfonia concert! (Stupid food, always so distracting…)
I think we did really well! And a couple of my roommates and friends came, and it was so sweet! I was so stoked to see them in the audience. And my dad actually recorded the whole thing, soooo maybe, if you’re lucky, I’ll upload and toss one of those bad boys up here for you folk to see. ;)

Now, what’s left to do?

  • Read some books so I can return them
  • Stone Age and Financial Intelligence finals
  • Gender & Rep. paper and presentation (we’re having a potluck party for our last day, woo!! :D)
  •  and some OC stuff.

Okay bye, I actually legit need to clean the house, my room’s a disaster.


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