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December 3, 2012


Avoiding the Homeworks with Christmakkuh Festivities

So there are…*does this sweet finger-counting move*…two and half weeks. Until I fly home.
And in that amount of time, here’s everything I need to do:

  • Exercises 2-6 for my Graphic Design course
  • Draw up my super long Financial Intelligence business plan
  • Make a 10 minute presentation about that plan
  • Get all my Christmas present shopping worked out
  • Have an India Dinner Party with basically everyone we know at Clark who’s been to India (surprisingly many..)
  • Finish reading Cat’s Cradle, which I borrowed from a friend
  • Update my class blog for my Gender and Rep. course
  • Research for and write my paper for that class (12 pages, whatttttt)
  • Go to more Study Abroad meetings
  • Go to more OC meetings
  • Watch a movie for my Gender class
  • Make 3 mockups, and TWO finals (2. WHY) of my last Graphic Design project — this means an early morning CC Lowell run for nice paper, and a good pencil sharpener for my colored pencil babies. And lots. And lots. Of coffee.
  • My Stone Age Final (cumulative — kill me now)
  • My Financial Intelligence Final — not cumulative?…wow I wish I knew..
  • and continue my work at ArtsWorcester, WorcesterMag, here, and the Communication and Culture Office.

Most of this is due Tuesday. And Wednesday. How prepared am I?….Well, let’s go with not very. This is gonna be a week of sleepless crazy. Thankyou parents, for the excessive amount of coffee you sent me for these last few weeks. I’m ready.

Speaking of blogging though (yes, I did in fact bring it up, 3 lines up. Duh): I will be blogging for the Study Abroad Office next semester while I’m in Berlin!! I won’t be on here, because, well, we already have Rian blogging from afar. Don’t need two of us!
So when I find the link for that blog, I’ll post it here, in case, you know, you’re still interested in my shenanigans. :)

Other than that though, life’s been pretty great! Fun times at my apartment — last night, and with the help of my beautiful assistant Madelyn, I threw a Christmakkuh Holiday Party!! The theme of which being the end of the world (um, 2012 anyone?) , and there may or may not have been a Clayton cherub on top of the tree….Clayton, of course, being the guy at the very bottom of the post I wrote back in the summah.




 It was potluck-style, so I brought Eggnog, Pumpkin-Cheesecake Marbled Brownies, and Klejner (Danish Christmas cookies)! Things other people brought? Santa Hat Brownies, hot cocoa, chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies, those cute little Pillsbury snowman cookies, onion dip and chips, bacon-wrapped dates (I KNOW, RIGHT), sauerkraut with sausage and potatoes, fancy mac ‘n cheese with bacon sausage and apples, asparagus, chips and guac, popovers, holiday drinks, and a salad. Mmm, best party ever!! I’m so so happy that I got to see so many of my friends whose schedules are usually so conflicting with mine, and everyone got along! :D Beautiful. I love Clarkies.

As to other goings-on this past week…I experienced quite a bit of Downtown Worcester, actually! On Friday evening, Marcell and I went to the Festival of Lights, where we watched the grand opening of the new ice skating rink at the Worcester Common Oval, and then saw the giant tree in the city center light up!

It’s one of my favorite traditions that, come to think of it, I really only remember doing once or twice back home haha. But it’s still my favorite!! :p And after we decided that our extremities were about to fall off, we meandered over to Armsby Abbey, which I’ve been dying to try ever since I saw that they won like, 9 awards in the “Best of Worcester” competition! First of all — coolest atmosphere. Second of all — MOST DELICIOUS SAUSAGE PIZZA EVER. Seriously, go go go!!

And then todaaaayy, we went to the Worcester Art Museum, which turned out to be THE best day to go, because it’s all spruced up with Christmas decorations, and a choir was singing in the main lobby!! So it was echoing through the medieval exhibits and the chapel house and everything! …so awesome. And then we made our way to Picadilly’s Bar and Grill, where they give you POPCORN as a free starter thing instead of bread!! :0 Jealous?

Last random tidbitlets: I went to (and failed miserably at) Sex Toy Bingo, an event thrown by the Clark Choices program, attended the most hilarious surprise birthday party (he had one planned for himself for the next day — haha, jokes on him!), found a really cool circus animal waffle maker at Savers (!!)

aaaand housing for next year fell through. Basically, we were practically guaranteed a spot, and then nobody moved out of that apartment and we are now frantically scrambling for something. And so the saga continues…

  1. anon
    Dec 3 2012

    I’m famous!

    • Stefanie Gough
      Dec 3 2012

      Yes you are, anon. Yes you are. ;)

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