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November 18, 2012

I Should Bring My Purple Cheese Snowshoeing…

The suspense is over!!

Much quicker than I thought it’d be, too. Remember that OC position I applied for?
…I GOT IT! That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, you are looking at the brand new Transfer Orientation Coordinator for Week One 2013…Wooo!! Tonight, the five other new OCs and I are going out to EVO to celebrate! I’ve personally never been there, but my housemates raaaaave about the place, so I feel like we can’t go wrong.

So we all know each other at least a little bit by now, as we’ve been on this blogging journey for a couple years.
So I know you knew this was coming…:
I have this amazing blueberry goat cheese  from Trader Joe’s. And it’s purple.
Like so:


 See that? Under all the deliciousness that is my breakfast omelette? Yeah…it’s so good. I can’t describe tastes well, but let’s say it was…a cross between a cheese cake sort of deal, and cream cheese…but MORE DELICIOUS! Technically, it’s called Trader Joe’s Wild Blueberry Vanilla Chèvre. Faaaaan-cy! And who do I have to thank for introducing me to it? My director at ArtsWorcester, of course! She randomly bought it for an opening reception we were having, and voilà! A love was born.

Additionally, I got to try Ghanaian food for the first time this week! My friend went to this place right next to Clark called Tropical Gardens, and brought me back what my vast internet research has led me to believe was a form of jollof rice, with some waakye.

Looks delicious, right? And the meal came with this spicy dark brown sauce that brought back memories of Indian cuisine….gosh I miss spicy foods.

Regarding that whole Study Abroad shindig…all my flights are booked, my classes are picked, and I’m almost ready to go!!
I’ll be flying home December 19th after finals are over (so…close…), then to Berlin on January 6th! And when the program’s over at the end of April, I’ll head up to Denmark for a month to chill with my host families and friends, and then down to Italy for a few weeks to look at art and eat pizza and gelato and probably get mad sunburns on the beach, and say-ah ev-ery-ah thing-a with a terr-ible it-aaaalian-ah accent-ah!!
…Just kidding, I could never pull off a romance language. They’re too pretty for this Germanic studies girl to execute.
Ahhh to travel alone.  I can’t. Wait. ;D
The courses I’ll be taking are:

  • Contemporary Germany in European Perspective
  • Berlin: History, Memory, Literature
  • Architecture in Berlin from the 19th Century to today
  • and then a language class, of course.
 Cool, right?! We don’t actually have syllabi for the courses yet, but I’m praying that the architecture one involves a lot of traversing the city for cool buildings. Here’s to hoping, right? *clink*
Last things?…
DID YOU KNOW … that you can go snowshoeing in Worcester in the winter? For like, $2. It’s RIDICULOUS. Check this out, I’m writing an article about it in WorcesterMag, and it’s just like, How did I not know this was a thing here?! I love snowshoeing!! And by love, I mean I remember doing it with my brother’s Boy Scout troop once around the rim of Crater Lake when I was 12, and pretending I was the abominable snowman nearly the entire time.
But it’s all the same, right? ;)


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