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November 11, 2012

Pad Thai and Sister Pics

First things first: Why did we not have these when we were kids?

I mean, orange Kit-Kat bars, come on!! (she said with a twinge of resentment). Luck for me, my boss’s kids were kind enough to share their Halloween candy. New best friends? I think so. In fact, I’ll be seeing them again on Thanksgiving. Why, you ask? Because their house is where I’m celebrating the holidays, silly goose! One of the only significant downsides to living so far away from home: I can’t visit for holidays or for support when someone dies. My wonderful director, however, was kind enough to invite me to partake in festivities with her family, for which I’m already grateful.

In other news… I saw Shenanigans last night! For those of you who don’t know, Shenanigans is an improv group here at Clark that is freaking hilarious. AND, two of the people I lived with over the summer (okay, well — technically one, but the other was here all the time with his girlfriend, so same thing) are in it!! Rachel and Will. Funny kids, those ones. Now, I usually do think they’re funny, don’t get me wrong…but this time was like, wayyy funny…I think a tear fell out of my eye at one point. Don’t remember the joke, but still. Love them :)

What else have I watched lately…oh! Well, I finished that show “Drop Dead Diva.” I originally started watching it because it’s silly and campy and whatever, but the last episode was superintense and completely caught me off guard and blew my mind.

True story.

Also, I saw SkyFall (*A-HEM, JAMES BOND, coughcough) in the theater on Friday!! So good. I mean, I figured there’d be — wait, I don’t wanna spoil it for you. Go forth, my lovelies. See the show!!
Because Daniel Craig is great.
Another True Story.

Last night, Julia and Mikayla invited me over to their place to make Pad Thai, ahhh!!!
“Uhm, hello, Heaven? Yeah, I’ll be right there.”
I brought the eggs, Imogene brought the pans, and, let’s get real, the Hughes ladies brought the party. ;)


Jealous yet?

Quick shoutout to my little sis: congrats on your acceptance to the UofO! :D Can’t. Believe. She’s almost old enough to go to college.
Little siblings should stay little, just sayin’. I mean, look how cute and tiny she was!! Little blond “I-just-wanna-squeeze-your-cheeks!” kid!

But alas, now she looks the same age as, if not older than, me.

But enough about my inability to handle the passage of time:

I had my OC interview today! It was about 25-30 minutes and included a couple curveball questions I didn’t think to prepare for, but overall, I think it went well! Mike said I should know by Wednesday what the outcome was.

Also, I took my second midterm in Stone Age to Our Age last Wednesday! And this time, I remembered not to show up to the discussion class the doesn’t exist on Friday haha. I think this test went much better than the first midterm, so there’s that! But again, I have to wait and see for the final results.


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