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November 4, 2012

Hello Refrigerator; We Meet Again.

Today has been one of those days where you approach your fridge, your pantry, your bedside table drawer, probably about a hundred times, with the hopes of finding something to eat. But you just stand there, looking around, not finding anything in the array of groceries, and go to sit back down with your Finance book, only to get up again five minutes later to repeat the whole process. I think this meme sums it up quite nice


So as most of you know, Hurricane Sandy passed through here last week!
First off, I want to express how sweet I think it was that my friends back home and overseas all sent messages making sure I was okay. Because I remember last year’s hurricane as move-in day, and thus not that extreme, I didn’t see this as such a huge deal. But to everyone who expressed their concern: I love you. You’re the best. And on that note, I really really hope anyone reading this who has been more severely affected than a day off from classes is doing alright.

Speaking of classes, though…
Midterm round two for Stone Age to Our Age is Wednesday!! :o We had a review session on Friday that was actually so so helpful! Which is a big deal for me, because normally I hate review sessions. I feel like I’m not learning anything, and we’re just literally doing a glossing over of everything covered in the course, and my time would be better spent studying alone.
This, however, was great! So props to my TA, Casey, for that! :)

In Financial Intelligence, I apparently did really well on one of the “Create Your Own Business” assignments, so my professor wanted to show it to the class as an example. Fine, I thought, what’s the harm?
So he pulls it up on the powerpoint, then spontaneously calls me up to the front of the class, where I give a very flustered and impromptu speech about my project, and discover that he posted my assignment on Moodle for everyone to see, his comments and grade included.
Ahckkkk, so embarrassing.
Like, yay I did well, not-so-yay I’m spotlighted. Not my forte.

As a segway between updates on the school and social life: I applied to be an OC next year! An OC is an Orientation Coordinator of the Week One program for new Clark students, so like a PA of the PAs. Hopefully it works out! I’m hoping to be a Transfer OC, because I was a Transfer PA last year, and this would allow me to help guide new Transfer PAs in the process I just went through. Plus, I’d get cool polo shirts and a walkie talkie ;)

One of the OCs this last August, who just so happens to be my lovely roommate, is actually doing this awesome (and totally unrelated to anything I’ve been talking about) project for her thesis this year, and it’s sitting on our couch.

Say hello to Shan’s creepy project man. (Technically a woman, but details, details.)
Sure, he looks harmless enough, all cozy in my leopard-print snuggie, minding his own business in the corner. But that is most certainly not the case at night, as you’re say, walking to the kitchen for a glass of water, or coming in late when the lights are already out. It’s absolutely TERRIFYING.
I always have to double check that it’s not one of my fully living and breathing roommates when I walk by — gives me a start every time.

Also, look who just came out of the dryer! MY dolly!!

Her name’s Holly, no big deal. And fellow PAs Dorothy and Jess have their own almost exactly like her — we’re pretty psyched about it.
I’ve had her literally my entire life, and I don’t think I’ve ever washed her on my own…so this is a big step haha. *Props to myself*

AND, speaking of PAs (see how this is all looping around? Allll part of the plan, my dear), we had a Transfer PA Annie’s breakfast date yesterday! I mean, only 3/5 of us could make it, but hey, we tried! Haha and we talked about how freaking excited we are for Study Abroad (Jackie’s going to Stellenbosch in SAfrica, yayy!!), and Charise went to Namibia last year, so she was giving advice. Also, ¬†Jackie has a 12 hour layover in Germany, on a date AFTER I’ll have arrived. You know what this means?? Mediocre coffee date at the airport, woo!! Mediocre as in the coffee — not the company. :p

Work is still …work haha. ArtsWorcester opened two shows on Friday evening! I wasn’t able to attend the opening, because I was busy not being able to remember for two hours where Sarah and I had parked at the Natick mall after fixing the trackpad on my computer (finallyyyy — it was possessed). But I did help set the shows up! In the top floor of the gallery is Co-Habitat, this great exhibition of furnite design by Steve Butler and jewelry by Liesl Carlson. It’s AWESOME, and we’ve never done a show like this before! I would totally buy one of the “breadside tables” he made, but they’re a little out of my price range at the moment. Oh, a “breadside table,” you ask? Think of those retro breadboxes. Now think of one on little table legs. BOOM! Mind. Blown. Think this.

In the downstairs portion of the gallery, we opened These Four Walls, an exhibit inspired by Co-Habitat that focuses on different concepts of the theme of interior spaces! Neat, right?

Sooo, that happened. Also, at WorcesterMag, I’ve been compiling a list of cozy places and local cafes for the winter, and I gotta say — this job is introducing me to all of these cool things going on in Worcester/Central Mass that I never otherwise would have come across. Gentlemen: To the Bucket List!!

And now, to prepare for the ritual Sunday potluck dinner!! As of right now, that pretty much just entails putting on something other than sweatpants and maybe doing the dishes.

These two jamokes will be joining me, in their stereotypically gender-roled rainjackets.We made better jokes about it at the time, but none come to mind.



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