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October 28, 2012

“On the 5th day of Halloween, my true love said to meeee…”

Halloween falls on a Wednesday this year. Do you know what this means?!
The weekend before, the actual holiday, and the weekend after.
The first night I was a fairy (classic), and last night? A mime. Jealous? I know.
This is me and my apprentice mime, Maddie. I taught her how to get out of an invisible box, yes’m. True facts.


The next few costumes are, I think, going to be: Rosie the Riveteer, a deviled egg, and …wow what was the last one? Either Katniss or…somethinggg…I’ll get back to you on that. Lumosity is clearly not working as fast as I’d hoped on my memory bits.

In all seriousness though, my roomies had the best costumes ever! We were the most ridiculous group of Halloween-goers. There was me, the mime; Maya as Sydney Bristow from Alias, with a blonde wig and everything; Claire as the “bad” Sandy from Greece; Elyse as a tree; Shannon as the Asian Longhorn Beetle; Stella as Matilda; and MAXXXX my summer roomie was here as a dinosaur. Hahah it was AWESOME.

I was actually really surprised by how many Clarkies I saw around campus in costumes! I met another mime, one girl who was a raisin (her costume was originally designed to be filled with raisins, so she could reach in and throw them at people all night, but she resorted to filling it with plastic bags instead haha), a couple Abraham Lincolns, Dr. Who, Iron Woman, Beanie Babies, Walter and Jessie from Breaking Bad, a horse, Mitt’s Binder full of women….the list goes on! I was really impressed, it was like all the Clarkies randomly decided to be super dedicated to Halloween this year.

On another note, after my adventure’s at Tito’s Bakery last week on my way home from WorcesterMag, I decided that dagnabbit if I wasn’t going to try every bakery in town (that gets good reviews ;))!! So after work last Tuesday, I wandered past Kelly Square and over to European Bakery and Pastry on Millbury St. and got THIS:

BOOM! What it is, I have no idea. But my review goes as follows: the people were nice; the girl who served me had a Russian accent and made the whole buying experience seem that much more authentic; and that bread lasted me days and days. And I was eating it constantly, with the help of my roommates, because let’s be real, fresh bread doesn’t last so long.
And the price? $2.50. That thing was the size of my head, if not larger. Actually, definitely larger.

But the most exciting thing that’s happened to me all week? I went on a field trip with the Art History Department to New York City!! Professor Garton organized this AMAZING excursion, where we visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art, guided quickly through by none other than David Grey, a Clark Alumni!!

He showed us how vast the museum’s collection was, which I won’t even try to synthesize here for you now…just know that I actually almost cried, I was so overwhelmed and excited and …just, no words.
But after our tour, we walked back to his place (passing yet another Clark alum’s house, completely overdecorated with Halloween knick-knacks. We took pictures, so when they come out, I’ll post them. It was ridiculous.). At Mr. Grey’s house was — surprise!  – another Clark alum! Her name was Kayla, and she was more recent graduate, by I think she said 7 years. Wait, maybe more…shoot. Anyway, she talked to us about her experience having graduated with an Art History degree, and what it’s like getting jobs with that, and then David and his wife showed us their extensive 19th century American Art collection. To illustrate to you how classy and utterly exquisite their place was, here’s a little anecdote: David explained a blank wall they had amidst their painting-covered ones by stating that the Met was thinking of borrowing that piece from them. THE MET.
So yes, they are some classy cats. And they were so so sweet, they gave us sandwiches and cookies, and gave a little “light show,” during which somehow, one of their paintings seemed to actually grow darker as the lights dimmed, like night was falling. It was truly something. Oh, and afterwards, they gave each of us a catalogue/book of their collection! So. Generous.
In all seriousness though, meeting those people and learning about where their lives have taken them just makes me all the more proud to  call myself a Clarkie. I hope one day I can prove myself to be that successful, and can open up opportunities for future undergrads the way that they did for us.

Being the oversleeper I am, I didn’t have time nor the forethought to pack my camera for the trip, so no arstiness for you. But here’s what I did manage to get with my phone’s camera! Just a couple things I saw at the Met and thought to myself wow, I should really blog about this. No big deal ;)


Note the scale of the George Washington painting, the massive size of the Ionic column, and the deep relief in the sarcophagus. 
Art History rules.

Oh! And P.S. My new article in WorcesterMag is out! :)

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