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October 14, 2012

Eggnog Seltzer is Weird

I went grocery shopping last week and came across this:

Eggnog flavored seltzer.
…yeah, I was baffled too.  How is that even….eggnog is thick! It’s made of eggs and dairy products and sugar. Seltzer is just bubbled water — how could you possibly recreate one with just the other, and a bit of additional chemicals?? THIS WORLD IS RIDICULOUS.

In other news, I still haven’t found the US-compatible charger for my camera battery, so a lack of photos + an increase in the phone-taken variety shall continue!
What a fun new tradition, eh? ;)

School and work is going swimmingly! Like this teacup pig here

I was going to go with the obvious fish reference and find a snapshot of a row of goldfish crackers, but come on — HE’S ADORABLEEE.
Anyway, where was I…oh yes, swimmingly!
Midterms are over, which is totally bewildering, because my friends back home are maybe 3 or 4 weeks into school…I’m almost 8. Whaaaaa?
Still waiting on the officially official acceptance to my study abroad program. Apparently, all the other programs except Berlin have been accepted, whereas we poor jamokes have goten the CIEE acceptance, the Clark acceptance, but NOT the FU Best one (FU Best being the Frie Universitat, the actual school we’ll be attending). Sighh….not like I’m dying of anxiety over here, or anything…I mean, buying tickets more than a month previous to an international journey is overrated, right?! *crazy eyes*

It’s cool, it’s cool..I got this… :)
Also regarding work, I was semi-offered a spot at the Worcester Historical Museum! Which, by the way, I totally would have jumped on if I didn’t already have an overflowing schedule.  Moral of the story is: if you want a sweet internship, APPLY! You need a couple internships before you graduate anyway, and just because it’s in the art world, doesn’t mean the specific work you do with be artsy — you don’t need to be specifically interested in museum work to get a great experience out of this. And hey, they’re looking for people. Try something new :) Fly my pretties, flyyyy!!

That annual fundraiser show we were putting together at ArtsWorcester went so well! For those of you who don’t remember, it was called Art On The Line, and we had 200 8×8″ works of art donated to us by artists (each sold for $20), and 12 12×12″ works (sold at $100 each)! We hung them all at various heights from the ceiling, like so

I even bought two myself, for my parents. Check them out: The first is by Audrey Rossow, and the second by  Linda O’Reilly.


There were so many more good ones, and I watched about half of the two hundred go in the first 15 minutes, when just the “First-In-Line” ticketers were admitted! Crazy stuff…Cindy took a stop-time video (I’m not sure if that’s what it’s really called, but it’s when the camera takes one picture every minute, and it makes a video…?) of the first hour or so! If it ever gets put online, I’ll be sure to share with you guys — it was actually incredible to watch. :)

Speaking of Netflix but not really…worst decision ever to call Netflix and get it to work on my Mac. I’ve finished the first 6 seasons of How I Met Your Mother, and am now wayyyy too obsessed with United States of Tara. #1 best show ever. and #2 I NEED TO STOP WATCHING IT AND DO MY READINGS. I’m seriously considering calling my dad and having him change the password to something I don’t know so I can’t be tempted, seeing as how I seem to have no self control. ….maybe after I finished this season though… ;)
{Seriously, watch it *cough hint*}

In friend news, Graham came back from his class trip to Bermuda! And he brought me back a map from his travels for my map wall! Yay!!! He’s actually here right now with the rest of the crew for our weekly potluck dinner :) We’re currently nomming on some al dente pasta with pesto chicken! Mmm…

Speaking of which, I’m gonna go pull out the dessert ;)

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