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October 8, 2012

Stress Dreads and Oxymoronic Color Names

Hey guys!

It’s Fall Break, and I’m home alone for two days. Well, one and a half — Elyse just got home a little early. But no matter!! I finished the kitchen repainting and only had to hang a few more things back up before the redecoration was completed.

Here’s the Before pictures: Ewww, so green and spotted with spackle patches, what a terible environment to be hospitable in!


 And HERE are the After pictures!! Oooh, how invigorating! What a wonderful place to eat breakfast in the still-waking-up phase of the dark winter hours! 


{That color’s called “Cool Lava,” by the way. A bit oxymoronic, Behr. Get your act together. But then again, who am I to judge? *involuntary pointed glance at the Behr company.}

Ideally, I wanted everyone to come home at the exact same time (or within like, 15 minutes of each other) so I could have brownies ready to welcome them back home…but alas, that’s ridiculous and would be really difficult to coordinate.
So instead, I’m currently chillin’ in my living room, writing up interview questions and waiting for the fruits of my CVS-in-sweats run to come out of the oven: mocha mint brownies. Like this, but the mix is from a box. What, so I’m lazy! Sue me. Who has time to melt baking chocolate squares when there’s spoons to be licked!

Speaking of baking, I’d like, at this point, to introduce you kind gentlefolk to my new segment: Dealing With Stress!

In this segment, sometimes I’ll give brief examples of ways I’ve found helpful to deal with the stress of college, work, and socializing. And other times, I’ll give you examples of habits I’ve found myself performing or falling into when I’m stressed. Note: Some are funnier than others.

  1. Obviously, baking. Hence the brownies above.
  2. In a like fashion, eating. I’ve made countless chia-seed infused smoothies.
  3. Grinding my teeth at night. Prying my jaws open this morning was not pleasant. No wonder I have to get my molars resealed every year.
  4. Dreading my hair. Yes, that’s right folks; my hippie roots are resurfacing at a rapid rate. So far, I only have two, but that’s simply because it’s much more time consuming than, say, eating a tray full of brownies. Juuuust sayin’. (They’re hard to see in the picture, but one has a New York City Subway Token in it that used to be on a friendship bracelet from my lovely Madelyn).


In all seriousness though, finding something you can do to take your mind off of your crazy hectic schedule and break away from the books, even for just a brief period of time, can be immensely rejuvenating. Due to my somewhat irrational fear of meditation ever since the first and last time I successfully did it, I usually stick to doing the dishes or, quite obviously, baking. Remember last year when I made twice baked potatoes at 2 in the morning? Yeah. Like I said — something to get my mind off my studies.

Remember those interview questions I mentioned I was writing in the previous sections somewhere up there? ^^^
Guess what the interview’s about? Ok wait — first, you need a bit of background information:
I’m working on a project for my Financial Intelligence test called “Create Your Own Small Business.” This being Week 6, and we’ve already established the best out of three good business ideas, complete with details plans and potential customer interviews, the assignment is now to interview a few people who were involved in a business failure…
I don’t know about you, but I’m not quite sure how to make that un-awkward.
“Oh, excuse me, I have a couple questions about your broken dream. What was it like to watch all your money disappear into a failed investment? And, most importantly, how can I avoid doing whatever it was you apparently did incorrectly?”
Obviously it won’t be worded as such, but that’s the sentiment that I feel is going to come across regardless of how I word it. Ohhh, to be tactful…
Most awkward. Assignment. Ever.
Also, I’d just like to point out how difficult it is to contact these people; if their business closed, then whatever number was listed for it is no longer valid, right? Sooo what, phone book it up? Nu-uh, I don’t think so. Time to put my Facebook networking skills to use.

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