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December 18, 2011

Seriously Need a Muffin Pan

I tried making muffins. Again. Without a muffin pan.
Half the batter was in my æbleskiver pan, which I forgot to grease, before I remembered that I had muffin liner-paper things. So I lined those up in a casserole dish and called it good. Those ones turned out aesthetically okay. The æbleskiver muffins Рnot so much.

So I drizzled some carmel over the top to make them more appetizing. Sneaky.

This is crunch-time; I only have one paper left to go (philosophy – I’m writing about the aesthetic theories of Kant and Hegel. What an undertaking. This paper is getting bananapants real fast.), and then an art history final exam. Lots of memorizing, but I think I got this one in the bag. *knock on wood*

I’ve been at this table on the fourth floor of the library for the last week or so, being, believe it or not, super-productive. So I’m being generous in letting you in on my new secret study spot. But if you all jump on this bandwagon and camp out here too, god help me…

Here’s cutie-pants Ilana, writing her paper for Tobin’s class. Or ordering a meatball sub. You know Same thing.

And here’s the super awesome view above the Kneller, the hills at the back of which keep distracting me and reminding me of how excited I am to go home ON WEDNESDAY. Rude. Just let me focus hills, okay? What did I ever do to you? Be worthy of my appreciation some other time.

Aaaaaand back to the paper.

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