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May 24, 2013


Clark Diaries Episode 13: Final Entry (SERIES FINALE)

Home to 2,000+ students, Clark University has no shortage of talented, intelligent students. With so much proficiency, Clark Diaries exists to pick out those who are doing exciting things at Clark! Here we take a look into her life with dorm mates, friends, activities, and studies.
Today the focus is on one student, Skye Wingo. A Screen Studies Major; Skye just finished up his first year at Clark. Yet, instead of dwelling on the intense amount of finals that just occurred, he looks towards a new beginning.

Let’s take a look into his Diary at Clark University!

May the Forth Be With You

Skye finishes up his last final in time to celebrate a big day. It’s Star Wars day! And, to celebrate, he decides to go to Big Y with Jon McClees and Stan Austin for Star Wars themed food! Wonder what he’ll make.


Where In The World Is Skye Wingo???

Skye also closes the last chapter in the Diary in a… weird… location. Where could he be?! I’ll give you a hint… it’s a bit towards the west…

Thank you to everyone who watched the show up till the end. I had a great time making it, and so many opportunities came from it. Look out for more work that will come in the near future, and check out the other Clark Diarists on the website (


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