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April 22, 2013



Hey everyone!


Skye here.  Hope you enjoyed the latest episode of Clark Diaries. It was fun to make and I hope it was fun to watch.


But To Move Into Things That Are Very Important To Me


I just finished my first ever screen play just now AHHHHHHHHHH!!!


Screen writing is a very intense field. It’s very different from creative writing not only with a different set up, but it also has very important rules that MUST BE followed.


I repeat. Must Be Followed.

Here’s a few set of rules that must be followed.

  1. Font must be Courier, not to be confused with courier new. 12 point font.
  2. 3 and 1/2 inches down from top pages is the title in ALL CAPS
  3. Page 1 is 1 and 1/2 in from the left. 1 inch from the top. 1 inch from the right.
  4. Must start with FADE IN:, then skip a line, then the slug line (INT. SKYE’S DORM ROOM – NIGHT).
  5. Names are capitalized the first time they appear in action descriptions
  6. The character name appears 4.2 inches in ALL CAPS
  7. Dialogue is 3 inches underneath name, ends 2.5 inches from the right.

And that’s just to name a few. There’s also the rule that you need to press the space bar twice after each sentence. A habit I have now picked up and find myself doing randomly in Essays and Blog Posts!


It’s intense. For my Intro to Screenwriting class, we were assigned to write 90 pages of a screenplay by the end of the semester.


But I just finished writing the last page.

Man.  What an accomplishment.

The first two pages. AWUKLDJFLKS:JKA:

The first two pages. AWUKLDJFLKS:JKA:

Thanks everyone for reading!  Have a great week to come!


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