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April 8, 2013

Skye’s Private Entry #7 – Nephew Visits and Organizing Yourself

Hey Everyone!


This week has been a busy one. There was the first ever Clark Multi Media Workshop, an event that myself and others were in charge of filming, (video’s to come soon!). It was an amazing experience were I was able to meat L.M Kit Carson and Melissa Leo. They also watched DELETE, (my web series), and gave amazing feedback.


The second event that happened was MY NEPHEW GYASI CAME TO VISIT!!!!!


photo 1


He’s a senior in High School and is preparing himself for the life ahead of him. I wanted to give him a personal tour of Clark; and what could be better then actually attending! However, I also had two papers due, a screenplay to constantly write, and a videography job for the REVERB event (again, video to come soon).

So how was I able to finish both paper assignments, film the event, write for my screenplay, and show Gyasi how it is to be a college student…

Well… I scheduled myself like crazy.

One of the most important lessons in college is perfecting your time management skills. I first started off with using app’s on my phone to keep track of things I needed to do.

It works well…for a week…

I began to never check the app, constantly download new applications, and forget about it all together. It was terrible and drove me insane. That’s when I decided to scrap the app and go back to the drawing board…or my desk.


This is what made me organized.

It may seem simple, but it became my constant reminder for the large amount of work I have ahead of me. MOST OF ALL I am able to look at the calendar everyday and check on what I need to do.

The calendar is taped right on my desk where I put my phone, wallet and key.




Gyasi at Annies

The group photo with everyone who participated in the workshop

photo 3

The Lacrosse game!

Because of this, I was able to attend all the workshops,
show my nephew around Clark, finish my papers, film REVERB, watch a Lacrosse game, and play in a makeshift soccer team I am apart of. It’s an amazing little trick that will have you keeping your social life intact, grades up, and freetime available!

That’s all for now! Goodluck on the coming week and enjoy life!

- Skye

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