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April 1, 2013

Skye’s Private Entry #6 – Dreadlocks and Another Concert?!

Hey everyone! Skye here with another Private Entry post.

This one will be quick, as I have a intense video project for the Screen Studies program, (more on that in the coming weeks…).

YET. Things still happened and man did they happen.

First off. I was greeted by Tyler, The Creator (the artist I went to see in last week’s post) releasing a new video!


It’s Awesome!



Next, there was a concert for the ‘artist’ Lil’ B…

Be warned, he is not good. At all.













No Seriously.




During the weekend, I neeeeeeeeeded to re-twist my dreadlocks.

And that’s a large ordeal.

First I wash. Then I get sculpting wax and locking spray, along with aloe oil. After twisting the roots together with the mix of those three products, I blow dry my hair.

Lucky, I was aided by the beautiful Katherine Landesman who, as her first time twisting locks, was coached by my mother.

Here’s a Vine video of the process almost done.


That’s it! Next week is going to be a crazy one, as myself and other Screen Study students are videographing Clarks 1st Annual Mobile Media Work Shop. Guest such as L.M. Kit Carson and Melissa Leo are attending and it should be a blast!


As always enjoy life, check out the other Clark Diarist’s, and have a great week!

- Skye

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