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March 24, 2013

Skye’s Private Entry #5 – Tyler, The Creator and Boston!





Skye here. Coming to you with another private entry.

This week was an exciting one as I was able to go to Boston twice in one week!! AHHHHHHH

The first time was for a concert at the Paradise Rock Club for Tyler, The Creator (Lyrics NSFW). I wasn’t a big fan until I came to Clark and met Jon McClees, (he makes the music and is the main character for my web series DELETE). Tyler is one of his favorite artist and he showed me the error of my ways.

Man am I glad he did that.

Well. Tyler’s hard to impress…


BUT, he did say he was impressed with the crowd there.

BECAUSE it was a sold out show. AWESOME

It was packed, though! And when I say packed, I mean if two people next to me jumped they’d take me with them. People were going crazy, sweat was slithering down everyone’s bodies. I’m not the most experienced concert attender as I have only been to a concert four times in my life, (First was Maxwell, Second was Sade, Third was XV, and Forth was Childish Gambino). BUT MAN this was nothing like I had experienced. I hope I can go to something like this again.

…Maybe for Gorillaz, Justin Timberlake, OR DAFT PUNK!!! Ooooooooooooooooooooooooo

I also got these socks!

This would have been all for my exciting weekend, but it got better! My friend Branden Ladebush wanted to go to Boston to drop one of his friends who was visiting him at Clark, and he asked if anyone wanted to go…I couldn’t resist…

The Green Line

Along with Branden and his friend, we brought along two others (Katherine Landesman and Jodie Martin). It was a great time. I am really starting to love love looooove Boston. As a New Yorker/Clevelander it has it’s special flair. I’ve got to stay their for a longer time then just a day in the future.


Also we headed to George Lavin’s apartment to visit him, as he is home for Passover. He showed us his Cat, who’s as cute as Cupcakes!


Anyway that was my super special awesome weekend. Hope you guys enjoyed reading!

Have a great coming week and enjoy life!


- Skye

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