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March 18, 2013

Skye’s Private Entry #4 – Delete’s Production and Season One Premiere!

Hello All!

Skye here to give you a little heads up on the future of Clark Diaries.

It is expanding; an amazing thing!


But this also means it will take a longer time to make; a not so awesome thing…


Fear not! As you wait I thought I should expand on the making of my web series DELETEthe terrible and incredible life of a screen writer, and activities happening at Clark in the next few entries!

The incredible convoluted life of making a web series


It’s really fun to make a web series. A web series is basically an easy way to create a story though film, without needing to create a 90 minute movie. Still filmed the same way as a movie; filmed first, then edited, then released. However, if you should need or want to add something to the last episode half way through the season, there is time to do callbacks!




There are more pictures on our Facebook page, but here are some pictures on set of the production of SEASON ONE.



















It was a very fun experience working with both Matt and Jon for the production. We all put in ideas towards the series and it defiantly made something great.

I can’t tell you much about the story, (because you should WATCH it for yourself!), but we put a lot of work into it and it is worth the watch.





HEW. This is a process. I can’t say it all (that’s a whole other post), but this is something that really brings the show together. All of the clips are just mulched together in a specific way towards pushing the story forward. Each episode is also between 3-5 minutes. So anything unnecessary is cut out as well.

This is also where Jon shows is other expertise with the music of the show. All of this put together is what makes Aperteur.




This is where it the magic happens. Everything is ready and put onto YouTube for your viewing pleasure. You watch it and see the story we (hopefully) succeeded in telling. It’s something I love and it’s nothing without the viewer.


Anyway. That’s the quick notes of it! Leave a comment if you have any other questions and I will answer back with the answer! (or maybe do another post explaining it in more detail *evil laugh*)


Remember to check out the other Diarist and, as always, enjoy life!

- Skye

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