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February 14, 2013

It’s Back!! Clark Diaries Episode 11: The Wright Basement Girl (SEASON TWO PREMIERE)

Clark Diaries Episode 11: The Wright Basement Girl

Home to 2,000+ students, Clark University has no shortage of talented, intelligent students. Today the focus is one student in particular, Wriju Adhikary. A undeclared first year that lives in the basement of the Wright Dormitory. Here we can take a look into her life with dorm mates, friends, activities, and studies.

Let’s take a look into Wriju’s Diary at Clark University!


Din Din and A Movie

Wriju joins her friends Glenda, Katherine, and Branden for a nice dinner table conversation…kinda. Afterwhich, they join the rest of the Wright Basement Girls with watching Tangled. Disney movies hooooooooooooooo.


Studies and future plans.

Wriju gets ready for Bio exams and friends from home to visit. Tune in next week to see how she shows outsiders the ways of Clark University!


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