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December 3, 2012

Clark Diaries Episode 9: Photo Night

Photo Night

Home to 2,000+ students, Clark University has no shortage of talented, intelligent students. Today the focus is on one. Branden Ladebush, a student who loves photography, while having two different majors. And Matt Friedberg. A student who has love for music and it’s creation. These two students will go through college’s ups and downs, but they wont forget their experience. Now lets turn to a page of their life here on Clark Diaries.

:Cyanotypes for All:
Branden talks about the troubles of doing Cyanotypes for his photo class. He isn’t lost though as George accompanies him!

:Talks By Car:
Branden explains the troubles that are ahead about the soon to come finals week. Is he, or any of the other diarist, ready for this stressful week…?

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