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November 21, 2012

Clark Diaries Episode 8: Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving

Home to 2,000+ students, Clark University has no shortage of talented, intelligent students. Today the focus is on three. Anna Spack and Branden Ladebush, two students who both love photography, while having two different majors. And Matt Friedberg. A student who has love for music and it’s creation. These two students will go through college’s ups and downs, but they wont forget their experience. Now lets turn to a page of their life here on Clark Diaries.

(Grace Zhang is on vacation and will not be able to be in this episode, but she will be back!)

:School Work YO:

The Diarist come together to talk about their overall school year so far. Some easy, some hard, but they all seem to love it!

:Happy Holidays:

It’s Thanksgiving break. So the Diarist decide to eat their thanksgiving meal together! Awwwwww.


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