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November 12, 2012


Skye’s Private Entry #2 – So Many Projects!

Hey everyone! Skye here will a little info on what I’ve been working on for the last few weeks.

You may or may not know, but I’ve been working on -spoiler- for Clark university. The editing has just finished and I am waiting on music from Jon. I’ve been so busy that I have had little to no time to make new Clark Diary episodes so far.

So I thought, as punishment for me not making an episode for this week, I thought I give you a tour of my work process! Be warned, this could get a little confusing…


Step 1: IDEA


My first step in creating a video is writing it down. I don’t force an idea, because if I do it will suck. BADLY. So, randomly, when something comes to me I write it down in my phone’s notepad. If you see me doing this, I’m sorry but I just wont respond to anything you say. When I’m in this mode, I just write until everything is out of my head, (a bad process if I’m in class aha…haha…). Afterwords, if there’s an idea I really really really really really really like, I’ll create a storyboard!



My storyboard is a visual interpretation of the scenes I’m going to film. I’m not much of an artist, so I use little boxes with stick figures, along with a description. I do this because my mind is EVERYWHERE. I can’t even keep track of it, let alone remember what I thought of randomly on the spot. So, to save hating myself for forgetting some amazing idea, I do a doodle and a description. This saves me a plenty, and gets me ready toooo………..



Step 3: Scope Out Places to Film



This is where I look for places that match the drawing I wanted for the film. Normally, I already have an idea where I want it when I make the storyboard, but there can be times that I need a new location. A city? Find a open area within Worcester. A classroom? An always open room that others can walk in, regardless of permission (hehehehehehehe). After that, I think of someone to fill the shoes of who I thought up in the first place.


Step 4: Casting


Friends, auditions; you name it, I do it. Most people would look for someone who fits the ‘looks’ department of what they were imagining. I, on the other hand, look for those who can preform well on camera. If they look at the camera a lot and are not that well at reciting something like a robot…well…they probably will have a minor roll. I find that the best people for the rolls fall right into production, unannounced. The ones who want to act, love doing it, and can act for however long they want.


Step 5: Shooting


The hardest part; taking a camera and making the idea real. There isn’t much to write about during this step, because it’s exactly how it sounds. I take a camera, and I shoot. If anything, there is one thing I make sure to do is make certain days ‘film days.’ This keeps everyone informed about when shooting will take place. Also food. People will show up for food ALWAYS.



Step 6: Editing


Once all of the shooting is done, I take it to my ‘office’….er…my desktop. I use Adobe CS6 programs (Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, and any other Adobe Production Premium products). They are amazing, and in my opinion, better then Final Cut and iMovie (and cheaper ). This takes practice. I still am not all adept with Premier (got it about 2 months ago…), but practice makes perfect. Learning the software is the key, and only improves the final look of the video.



Step 7: Post Editing


This includes, if need be, color correction, camera stabilization, sound affects, and other extra bits that are done after all of the footage is cut together. This takes some practice. I, for one, am not at alllllllllllllll used to color correction; but if I stopped, then I’d never get better. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT.



Step 8: Exporting and uploading to YouTube


The final step. Uploading to YouTube for everyone to see. This is where I add a description, put some tags in, and let YouTube do the rest. Whew! What work.





And that’s it! More or less of what I do to make Clark Diaries and other productions I make. If you want to know more about my process, I may do a little video later buuuut for now this is a nice start. Thanks for reading my post and I hope you’ll enjoy the video’s to come!

Let’s just say…it’ll be a warm Welcome!


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  1. Anna Spack
    Nov 12 2012

    skye u r kool

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