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October 22, 2012

Clark Diaries Episode 6: Lazy Day (DELAY)

Lazy Day – (Unfortunately, this episode is on hold as technical difficulties have arisen. As soon as the problems are fixed, the episode will be out as usual.)


Home to 2,000+ students, Clark University has no shortage of talented, intelligent students. Today the focus is on two. Grace Zhang. A student who has an interest in psychology and other sciences, but also takes part in the Karate club. And Matt Friedberg. A student who has love for music and it’s creation. These two students will go through college’s ups and downs, but they wont forget their experience. Now lets turn to a page of their life here on Clark Diaries.

 :Study, Study, Study:

Grace has to finish a project, and nothing can be done until it’s finished!

:Keep Calm, and Game On:

Matt takes a break from the world with making some music, and playing some Minecraft for the first time. Will he do well?


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