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October 14, 2012


Skye’s Private Entry #1 – 24Hour Photo Challenge!

Something A Bit Different –


Hey guys! Skye here. I am the creator of the web series Clark Diaries here at Clark University. I hope everyone has been enjoying the episode’s so far as it has been a blast making them. However, for this ‘episode’, it’s going to be a little bit different.

In my FYI (First Year Incentive) photo class, we were given an assignment to do over the fall break. A tradition that is gone through each year’s FYI photo class after the first few weeks of the first year semester. It takes concentration  dedication, and most importantly…no sleep whatsoever.

What is this assignment you might ask? Well, it’s…………The 24 Hour Clark Photo Challenge *DUN DUN DUUUUUUN* 

…Still confused? Alright let me explain.

For one day, a student has to take a photo each hour, on the hour, for 24 hours. And yes. That includes 5AM, 6AM, 7AM… etc.

Now for my project, I decided to do something a little bit different with my pictures. I chose to take short GIF’s, or ‘Moving Pictures,’ and put them in an episode of Clark Diaries! Whatever happened at the hour, I took a GIF of it, then uploaded it to YouTube.

Sounds simple, right? Wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll…………………You’ll be the judge of that.

Press Here To Read On!




Thursday, October 11th; 10:00 PM

This was at the beginning of the 24 Hour project. Here I’m sitting with Branden and Katherine (Also doing the photo challenge at this time) while we’re watching the Vice President Debate. As others may think this was a boring way to spend our time…well, it wasn’t. The VP debate was ‘hilarious.’ Well, at least we were laughing. (*PLUG*Also, if you haven’t already, register to vote! *PLUG*)







Thursday, October 11th; 11:00 PM

At 11, Katherine, Branden,  and I headed over to Emile’s (See episode 2) room where Anna was found also. We were all talking about the recent debates and random stories when we heard that there was a concert by The White Panda’s at Clark. With nothing else to do, we headed over to check it out.





Friday, October 12th; 12:00 AM

Rave! *Jump Jump Jump Jump Jump Jump Jump Jump Jump Jump*







Friday, October 12th; 1:00 AM

After the rave was over, Anna and Emile wanted some memorable pictures with Freud. So we took some memorable pictures with Freud.





Friday, October 12th; 2:00 AM

A nice relaxing period, Abe (See episode 1) and Matt invited me to spend some time with them. Matt was playing his guitar while Abe was surfing the web. Abe also let me borrow one of his PC games called Farcry 2. Apparently it’s really good, but I’ll be the judge of that. Spending some time with them was a nice way to calm my mind for the hours I needed to endure soon…






Friday, October 12th; 3:00 AM

Branden called me up and told me to stop by his room to relocate with the group. Jon and a student named Caroline were in the room too. Everyone was getting tired…





Friday, October 12th; 4:00 AM




Roomate sleeping.








Friday, October 12th; 5:00 AM

This is when things started to get difficult as the group was getting weary. People started falling asleep, one after another. Branden started at a different time, so a few hours ago he finished. Tired, he left the group to get some sleep. (Lucky) All that was left was Katherine and I. We went to the basement lobby of Wright where she decided to type an essay. I, unfortunately  forgot my computer in my room (And I was NOT going to walk back…too lazy). So to past the time, I did one of my essays on my phone. Best. Decision. Ever.





Friday, October 12th; 6:00 AM

After doing my homework, I was left with nothing else to do. I even almost drifted off, until I saw this painting (located in the Wright basement). Somehow, this painting put a few more hours in me, and I was able to continue. Thank YOU art.






Friday, October 12th; 7:00 AM

At seven, the sun came. Man was that a great sight. It was like everything that led to this point was worth it, just to see this sun rise. Those of us still awake (Katherine and I) rushed outside and took some pictures. NICE






Friday, October 12th; 8:00 AM

Man, blankets/quilts can really help pass the time and can create great memories. (This blanket I had given to me by my great grandmother.)








Friday, October 12th; 9:00 AM

All I can say for this moment…I. Want. SLEEP.







Friday, October 12th; 10:00 AM

At 10AM, my first class of the day started. The first ten minutes were brutal, but the apple I had before kicked in and got me through the rest of the class. Officially Apples > Coffee.






Friday, October 12th; 11:00 AM

After the class ended, I headed over to my room to download an essay I wrote prior to this challenge, take it to the library, and print it off for the next class. Writing.





Friday, October 12th; 12:00 PM

Writing class…Man, that was tough. Don’t know how I stayed awake for the whole thing, but it was done. Never again though. Never again.







Friday, October 12th; 1:00 PM

The writing class ended and I headed off with John Maday and Thomas to get some lunch. Somehow, they could tell I was exhausted. Wonder if it was the baggy eyes or the lack of sentences I was able to verbally form…probably both.





Friday, October 12th; 2:00 PM

After lunch, I went back to my room and finished a film essay I started before about a movie called Suture (A awesome Black and White film that you should watch). I actually wasn’t that tired when I was writing this essay; believe it or not, it woke me up. Guess why I know why I’m a film major.






Friday, October 12th; 3:00 PM

I finished the essay and decided to watch a few video’s on YouTube. And no, I didn’t spend 8 hours on it.





Friday, October 12th; 4:00 PM

At 2, I decided to try out the game Abe gave me. It’s an alright game, but I’m expecting it to get better later…couldn’t really play that well drifting off into sleep…







Friday, October 12th; 5:00 PM

Around 5, I remembered that I got some mail. Turned out to be from my mom sending a little ‘HELLO HOW ARE YOU I’M WORRIED ABOUT YOU BUT I HOPE YOU’RE DOING WELL PLEASE CALL LOTS LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU.’ Or, well… something like that.









Friday, October 12th; 6:00 PM (File Was Too Big To Upload)

See it or not, this is when sleep caught up with me. I took an hour nap. Man, was that ‘kinda’ a bad idea…



Friday, October 12th; 7:00 PM

Waking up from that nap was the weirdest feeling I’ve ever experienced. I felt dizzy, confused, and hungry all at the same time. So I headed down to the Higgens Cafeteria to get some gruuub.






Friday, October 12th; 8:00 PM

While I was eating, Jon, TJ, and Chyna stopped by. I told them about the project, and how it kept me up for hours. They laughed, told me how well their sleep was, then wished me luck onto the last hour. One more hour. ONE MORE HOUR.





Friday, October 12th; 9:00 PM

At 9, Branden, Katherine, and I all met up in Branden’s room to finish out the last hour. Whew! Done. And I can tell you, as soon as I put that phone down, I crashed. What. A. Project.









And that’s it! 24 Hours DONE. Hope you enjoyed this project as much as I did creating it. Please check out the other Diarist’s here, or my other post’s here. Thanks for following along with me in my sleepless journey.

- Skye



Fun Facts:

Skye stayed up around 48 hours all together.

Katherine and Branden also completed their projects, though they did the smart thing and went straight to sleep after their last photo was taken.

No energy drinks were consumed by the group.

Neither Katherine, Branden, or Skye will ever try this again. EVER.

  1. Katherine Landesman
    Oct 14 2012

    Love this! Still tired from 36 hours of no sleep 7 hours of sleep then two days of an intense frisbee tournament with 2 subs. FUN WEEKEND. Great job Skye!! thanks for staying up with me

  2. Poppa Wingo
    Oct 14 2012

    How creative, I enjoyed it very much. I could tell how tired you were as the evening went on but also the interesting shots you had with the art work and the sunrise. Keep up the good work.

  3. Connie Wingo
    Oct 15 2012

    Fantastic! Wonderful! So much fun! (And that’s NOT just because I’m Skye’s mom!!!) LOVED IT!!!!!!

  4. Duff Prescott
    Oct 16 2012

    Great work Skye! I loved it – can’t wait for John Oliver to watch it too! and I will have to replace my coffee with apples (so much healthier!!) keep up the great work! (I loved the artwork in the basement also)

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