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May 12, 2013

Recommended Itinerary, Pt. II


This is, I anticipate, my last post in this space for three months.  I’m not done in London yet, not by a long shot, but all my fellow Diarists are done at Clark for the year and that makes me done as well.  While they’re all relaxing on some sunny beach (well, Melissa’s from Alaska, so maybe not her) I will spend the days between now and June 10th frenetically shuffling between eating, sleeping, revising, and taking exams.

On June 11th, when the sweet smell of freedom wafts into my nostrils (that was a weird metaphor, let’s never do that again) I’ll get started on a whole bunch of projects I’ve been waiting on for a while.  Between then and July 4th, when I arrive back in the States, I hope to (1) Get a head start on my thesis research; (2) Research potential employers; (3) Write a Grimshaw Club handover document; (4) Deal with a whole host of CUSC-related issues; (5) be a tourist in London; and (6) write a whole bunch of articles for my current favorite website,

Oh, and one other thing.  Remember a few years ago when I wrote a piece in this space called Recommended Itinerary?  It was a week where I didn’t have much to say, and so I quoted – quite liberally – from a commencement address the great David McCullough gave at Middlebury College in the 1980′s.  He suggested, in his own lyrical way, that we Americans should take every opportunity we can to get to know our country, and understand its history.

Well, I’m taking his advice.  From July 15th to August 6th (pausing at home only to have my first legal American beer at Wrigley Field on my birthday, July 11th), my brother Dale (Clark ’17!) and I will be driving from Chicago to San Francisco and back, camping in national parks along the way.  It’s going to be an incredible journey, and I’m so thrilled to be able to do it now, after having spent a year away from my home.  I think I’ll gain an awful lot from the trip.  As always, it’s the going that makes it interesting.

Three months from now, then, on August 13th, I’ll walk back onto Clark’s campus.  I promise you, dear readers, that the third thing I do (after pulling my laptop out of my backpack and, if we’re honest, probably going to the bathroom) on campus will be to sit down and write you all a nice long post about my summer.  Until then, stay safe, have fun, and see you all in August!

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