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February 6, 2011


Group Process!

Yesterday morning, probably for the first time in the history of a Wright Hall Saturday, there were at least 10 people up and about at 8 AM.  Why, why?! you ask, would such a thing ever occur?  The answer is group process.  Group Process is Stage 2 of a long and comprehensive Resident Advisor (RA) application process.  Stage 1 was completed last week, when the 60 or so applicants turned in their application essays along with three recommendations.  My wing alone had six applicants, probably as a result of our sensational (if spiky-haired) RA Andre.

We stumbled as a group down to Jonas Clark 001, a large room on the ground floor which, happily, was filled with bagels and orange juice.  We were divided alphabetically into groups of about ten and sent to a random 4 of a total 5 events.  My group, happily, boasted not one but two Clark Diarists (what up, Sarah!).  At each event, about six or seven current RAs were tasked with evaluating us, each RA assigned to one or two applicants, though we didn’t know who was evaluating us individually.  My group bonded extremely quickly, and after a spirited round of “two truths and a lie” and “heads up 7-up” actually went out to lunch together afterwards.

The events, for those who were wondering, were actually a lot of fun to accomplish.  Uniquely, they were probably also quite helpful to the evaluative process. The events were:

- Build the tallest tower you can out of marshmallows and toothpicks as a group, without talking (we were divided into two subgroups for this one).

- Cross a “river of crocodiles” on “stones” (six pieces of paper) with a series of complicated rules about who could touch what when and how we all had to be linked together.

- Form a consensus to rank-order 14 responsibilities of different priority if they all occurred at the same time.

- Create a skit involving some sort of rules violation and its resolution.

On the whole, it was a lovely event.  For now, it’s on to individual interviews! Good luck to all that applied :)

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  1. Sarah Surprenant
    Feb 9 2011

    Haha, I was just in the process of writing about this, and then I realized that you probably already did. I was right!!

    Oh well, I’ll still do it too :P

    • Rian Watt
      Feb 9 2011

      You can talk all about saving us from the alligators.

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