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May 7, 2014

Under Construction


Last year at this time I wrote a pretty sappy blog post about how so many people (students and staff) were leaving/graduating from Clark. This year I wasn’t on campus, so it’s very different. This (most likely) will be my last post of the year…but don’t worry, I’m excited to be back in the fall to for my final year at Clark and be able to continue blogging and sharing my experiences with you all!

dual_major_sjpg160Each year of college brings something very different. I laugh on the inside when I hear high school students say that they are going to major in pre-med, with a triple minor in history, international relations, and philosophy. Probably because I said something like that when I was in high school…and pre-med isn’t a major, it’s a “track.” (You would major in biology, most likely.)


You may have ideas about what you want to study in college, and that has its benefits, but it will probably change. You’re going to learn about subjects that you have never even heard about and topics that you never realized people studied. I came to Clark knowing that I wanted to go into environmental studies, and my major never changed. But sometimes I wish it had. I had such a strong focus on that one topic that I didn’t explore as many other topics as I wanted to. So now, in my senior year, I am taking classes all over the board so I can try everything and learn about things that I have never imagined.

Some people get scared if they are undecided, but being undecided is amazing – it gives you the opportunity to explore everything. And to be quite candid, many times your major doesn’t really matter (Shhh, I know you don’t really want to hear that), but it’s true…unless you’re like me and decide for a week that you want to be a dentist, until you realize that you didn’t take nearly enough math classes…and that you don’t want to start. So I won’t be a dentist, but I’m okay with that.

This summer I am taking an opportunity in an industry that I have never explored before, but I’m excited! I have been so focused on one thing that I eliminated my other options. Now, while I have the chance, I’m going to see what else I like…or don’t like. But at least, I’ll know.

In the next few months as you prepare to take a big step, don’t stress out about the little details. They will happen eventually. Just get ready to disorient yourself completely from everything you think you know and get ready to be under construction.

And if you see me around next year, don’t be a stranger. I might even give you a shout out!


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