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January 27, 2014


If Clark had a BuzzFeed article, it would be this.

16 Things you should do while you’re at Clark (Part 1)

1. Walk to class in the rain – In New England it rains. It even snows. You need to go to class, so this advice will be helpful.


2. Recycle  – Just do it.


3. Try a new sport – You’ll probably meet amazing people and avoid the Freshman 15.


4. Become a fan of a sports team – School spirit, dude.


5. Sit on the green with your friends – It’s the best part about spring at Clark.


6. Use the common rooms effectively – yeah.


7. Take a photo of anything that says Clark – You’ll (probably) stop doing this after freshman year. If not, it’s ok, you went to Clark so you can do it for however long you like.


8. Study abroad – The experience will change you as a person and you get to see things that you’ve only seen in movies.


9. Plant a garden – It shows you have hope in the future. And you get to take your shoes off, which you like, because you go to Clark.


10. Jump in the leaves in the fall – Stress relief during midterms.


11. Explore the parks in Worcester – Don’t stay on campus all four years. There are so many unexpected beautiful places in Worcester.


12. Take a picture with the president of the university on Spree Day -  I challenge you.


13. Become a PA (Peer Advisor) – You get to give back and help new and first year students become acclimated to college and tell them everything you wish you would have known. You’ll meet amazing people, too.


14. Volunteer at Reunion – You get to meet alumni who come back to the school and hear stories from when they were at Clark, and see what they did with their degree. Also network, you’re not going to get a job by sitting there.


15. Join Student Council – Learn about the inner workings of the university you attend and where the money you’re paying back for the next 20 years is being used. You also get to make some really important decisions and help the university become better as a whole.


16. Study… Because you’re in college and you’re going to need something to complain about over dinner with your friends.



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  1. Anonymous
    Jan 27 2014

    That student rain garden was created purely by the hands of 4 undergraduate freshman students in 2011/2012 and It seems here that you are portraying yourself as a protagonist in the creation of the garden when, when the planting day arose, many had a part in it, but the project itself should give credit to those who put in a years worth of work to make it happen. It is nice that you brought up what has been created on the Clark campus but those who strive to create these wonderful and eco-friendly attributes should be known for what they have achieved.

    • Rebecca
      Jan 27 2014

      I definitely give credit to the four students who worked on this tirelessly — such a great idea and very well planned out. I was there the day of the event and it was one of the best campus events I have ever been to. It included so many people in the Worcester community. Props to the people who worked on it — the photo is solely being used for the purpose of the article.

  2. anonymous
    Jan 29 2014

    Please make sure that the photos you use have the permission of the individual who is being presented in them. This is a public site that represents the attributes of the Clark University community and while it is good to present Clark in a positive way, the consent of people who you are posting photos of is necessary.

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