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October 20, 2013

A Friday in Fall

To keep with the theme of unplanned events, let me tell you about a day when I didn’t have much scheduled, but the day turned out to be quite eventful.

These events took place on a Friday in Fall in Worcester, MA.

Today I had lacrosse practice at 8am. I had to leave early and shower so I could go to work at the Office of Admissions at 9:30. After work I walked over to Woodland Academy, an elementary school really close to Clark. I am a volunteer at the Kindergarten Initiative, a program where we teach kids about local, healthy food and then give them free food with recipes to take home to cook with their families.

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As I walking back to Clark, I stopped at Fantastic’s, a local restaurant and Clark favorite, and ordered theNational-Grid-hub best falafel that you can get outside of Israel. As I walked down the same block, I saw there was an open house event for the Worcester National Grid Sustainability Hub, so I stopped in and saw the beautiful building and said hi to all the people I knew there. They told me to stop by the press event area later. I passed a few more stores on Main Street and went to Unique Nails, right next to Clark, where I get my nails done. Then I went back to the National Grid event, where they had free frozen yogurt from WooBerry, a local Worcester frozen yogurt place. I ran into a bunch of people there who I had worked with doing sustainability projects in the last few years.

After catching up, I walked back to campus to find that it was exactly 3pm, the time when they were going to announce who the performer for the fall concert was. So I stayed in Red Square to hear the news. (It’s GROUPLOVE!) You may have heard this song before…

Tongue Tied


This is a must-have at geography conferences!

Then I ran into my friend whose birthday it was and she was walking to the University Center, so I went with her. While I was in there, I saw the registration for a huge geography conference, NESTVAL, that is being held at Clark today and tomorrow. The geography bee was going on so I went inside and watched the contestants answer really difficult trivia that most people don’t think about…ever. I saw some people in the student council office and stopped by to say hi, and then decided to walk back to my apartment so I could do laundry.



Now I’m typing this as I wait for my clothes. And that was the beginning of my unplanned Friday.


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