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October 13, 2013




You know those conversations that strike randomly? You happen to be chatting with someone and an amazing, yet completely unplanned conversation happens. It’s almost so good that you don’t even realize when the conversation evolved to something of this level, and you can’t let it stop. It’s not until this moment of utter silence, when you and the other person look at each other like, wow, did that just happen?

That happened to me this past week.

I cannot pinpoint when the conversation became on this new level and maybe that’s what makes it amazing.

We talked about life, love, loss, the education system, what happens after college, what happens in college, the meaning and use of the word disability, and who we want to be as people.

Intense stuff, right?

She said to me, “You know what’s funny? Right now, adults tell me not to get a tattoo because it’s permanent and how do I know what I want at this age? Yet, at the same time I am supposed to choose what I want to do with my life because that’s the age I’m at.”

I told her that I was going to use that as a topic to blog about.

In college, you’re in this weird limbo between child and adult, real and unreal, present and future, planned and unplanned.

I decided to go to Boston for a few days over the weekend. I ended up seeing some other Clarkies at the train station and we took the same bus to Boston. They were using Boston as a connection to get to another place for the weekend break; I was going to see some friends in the city. We sat next to each other and had a cool conversation about the interesting people we’ve met on airplanes and long train rides.

When I was in Boston, I was hanging out with a friend who I have known for about 15 years and we were Skyping with her twin sister who is in Ireland studying abroad this semester. She jokingly said that I should come visit. After laughing for a few seconds, I pulled out my iPhone calendar and looked at the week she was going —  then I bought a ticket. So I’m going to Ireland for a week. On a whim. And I’m really excited!


In the meantime, one of my roommates got a tattoo over the weekend. I asked her if people ever told her not to get tattoos and brought up the conversation I had the other day. She said that people always make comments about how she doesn’t know what she wants. She told me, “You just know; you feel it, just like a lot of other decisions.”

I was at an event where the speaker asked how many people had a job that was related to their major. About five out of sixty people raised their hand, so I guess I shouldn’t worry about that, either.

I’m the type of person who really appreciates well planned out schedules and events, but I’m learning to appreciate the unplanned right now, and that’s becoming a useful skill in life because as I’m figuring out, life likes to go unplanned.

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