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September 29, 2013

I unintentionally quoted Spiderman

Yesterday while working at an Admissions Weekend at Clark, I was asked a question while on the panel that I have never received before. After many expected questions about choosing a major, studying abroad, and residence halls, someone asked, “Can you each give us life advice, or something you wish you would have known earlier?”


For a second I felt like I had a little person in my brain trying to go through all the file cabinets trying to pick just one piece of information that I could tell these families to answer the question. And five seconds later, my mouth opened and I said,

“With the freedom to do anything comes the responsibility to do something.”

Now, this is not the line from Spiderman, but if you have seen Spiderman, you know that it’s pretty close. I have to admit something – I have actually never seen any Spiderman movie…except for a few minutes of some that may have been running on TV as I was flipping through channels, during the time in my life when I had time to flip through channels.

This is a quote that kind of just formed out of my view from life. I had seen a play a few years ago and when I was summing up the theme, this is what I created…and now I say it all the time…in fact, it’s on my business card. It really is something I associate with and probably why I thought of it when I was asked for life advice.

After being asked if I was quoting Spiderman, which I have heard before, I looked it up.  Check the clip out here – the difference is evident, but I see where the same idea comes through.


Click here to see the comparable quote in the movie.

Click here to see the comparable quote in the movie.


For the next few minutes, the other people on the panel, one of them being Jeremy, gave amazing answers that really made me think. So I followed up telling the visiting group some advice for them about the college search…maybe something more useful and specific to what is on their minds right now.

I told them information that I wish I had known. Not everyone gets that magical feeling when they step onto a college campus. As I’ve mentioned before, I toured over 20 colleges and universities and never felt that feeling that everyone talks about. I thought that a two-hour visit would be enough for me to tell if this was the place I wanted to be for four years, but honestly you can’t tell in two hours. You can’t even tell in five. The things you look for as a senior in high school are not the same things you care about when you’re living, eating, and sleeping in this new place. There are going to be so many other variables that you never thought about. (Now you’re thinking what are those variables…I can’t really tell you because it’s different for everyone.) The clubs I cared about and the major I thought I wanted changed when I got to Clark, so I wouldn’t have known to look for those things.

The good part is – DON’T STRESS over this information. What I proceeded to tell everyone is that you can be happy in a lot of places. There are many schools that will be good for you. You have the ability to get involved and take initiative wherever you go. You will create your own happiness, and I believe that really can happen wherever you end up.

And finally, as Kevin, a transfer student, can tell you, and as my grandma always says to me when I have really difficult decisions, nothing is ever permanent.

Comment or email me if you have any questions that I can answer for you and have a great week!


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