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September 22, 2013

A Week of Entrepreneurship

I think it’s fair to say that a lot of my time is spent working on things related to entrepreneurship. About two years ago, one of my professors told me that I caught “the entrepreneurship bug,” and I really can’t argue with that. I say frequently that I spend my time doing things I enjoy, and this is definitely something that makes me happy. This week was particularly filled with a lot of e-ship. Here are some highlights!

Babson College Center for Women in Entrepreneurial Leadership- The most recent startup that I am working with presented at Babson Wednesday night. I’ve been to Babson College before for conferences, but this was a really cool event and all about female empowerment in entrepreneurship.

MassChallenge-I’ve mentioned many times last year that I was working at MassChallenge with some startup companies. Since I was in Boston on Wednesday for the speaking engagement, I was so excited to be back at MassChallenge on Thursday and Friday to see everyone who I worked with all summer long. I’ve met some amazing people there and I definitely plan to continue to be involved with MassChallenge in the future.

On Friday they announced big news that they are moving locations. We all knew that the lease was up and that they would either be photo 2farther down on the Seaport or move to Fenway. I’m so excited they chose to stay in the Innovation District.

Since this was a big announcement, a lot of people showed up to hear the news – John Harthorne gave the news with Mayor Menino speaking after. Then they signed a column in the building where our new office space will be. There were so many media outlets, but I managed to get some photos.


photo 3









Clark University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program-This is where I work on campus, helping students start their own businesses. I’ve blogged about some of the cool ideas that have been started here! This week we launched our Ureka Big Idea Contest, where students can win money to fund their startups. We are also having an event this upcoming Friday about pitching from a local business owner. I officially have office hours (people have already signed up) so I can help students go over their business plans and make sure they are feasible financially and organizationally.

ENT216&265- This semester I am taking two classes that are in the Entrepreneurship Program — Financial Intelligence and the Entrepreneurship Capstone. At Clark, you can minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship with any major. The classes have already taught me a lot, but I cannot imagine learning as much as I have from outside of the classroom experiences, working with startups, and creating my own.

Blog launch- My brother and I recently created a blog for business beginners who want to start a company or learn more about entrepreneurship and personal finance – topics that are seldom taught in a classroom. We want to change the way entrepreneurship is seen and empower people to start a business, if that is what they wish to do.

Just a couple days ago I called my brother telling him that I have a new business idea…so the cycle continues.


Keep innovating, Clarkies.



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