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September 15, 2013


Burnt toast and the breakfast that could have been

This morning I set up a toaster oven for the first time ever. I won’t take too much credit, given it was basically already assembled beside the inside tray and plugging it into an outlet. I read the instructions briefly to find out what symbols were for what function. I took out two pieces of pumpernickel bread, put them on the tray and turned the dial to toast.

I should mention that while I was doing this I had an egg frying on the oven, turkey bacon cooking photo 2next to it, and I was making avocado spread for the breakfast sandwich I had been imagining in my head. If everything went as planned I would have lightly toasted pumpernickel break with avocado and onion spread, and the egg and turkey bacon in between. Of course, as soon as I put the spread down and ran over to take the toast out after the beep, I opened the toaster oven door to that horrible smell that you get when you leave something in it for just a little bit too long.

My first attempt at my new toaster oven was not a success. Notice, I didn’t say fail. It wasn’t a failure, because I learned from it, but it was a disappointing realization. I took out two more pieces of bread and made my sandwich with a few differentiations from what I originally had planned. It was still excellent.

photo 1

Now, I hope you get two things out of this post. First, a delicious recipe that was created by me…not even found on Pinterest! And second, a message about life. (Yes, I did just slip in a huge life-lesson through a story about toast.)

Very few things in life ever go as planned.  I could have been more careful and done one thing at a time and watched the toast for the entirety of its oven time. I could have made sure that everything was meticulously going as planned. (Honestly, I was more worried about cooking the turkey bacon because I don’t eat a lot of meat and had never made it before!) I could have mixed the avocado spread a little faster and taken my toast out seconds before it was too late. But I didn’t do any of that.

And if I had, I wouldn’t have had this story to tell you.

So take risks, try new things, a bunch of them at once even, and if at first your toast burns, grab two more pieces of bread and adjust the recipe.

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1 Comment
  1. Grandma and Grandpa
    Sep 17 2013

    We read your blog about the toaster, and we are glad to see
    that it is not only providing food for the stomach but also food
    for the mind and soul.

    Love, Grandma and Grandpa

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