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August 31, 2013

Dip your feet, splash around, or flip off the diving board.


This is real photo that I took at the 90 foot diving competition off of the ICA in Boston.


I don’t think you should have to wait until the middle or end of the year to get really good advice, so I’ll tell you now.


Getting involved at Clark can make your experience here amazing. Right now you have completed your first week of classes. As expected you are completely overwhelmed – everyone feels that way, even students who have been at Clark for years. I already have around 500 pages of reading…and it’s the first week.

Don’t let everything get to you. Remember that millions of people have gone through this process and turned out just fine. Take everything as it comes. If you are already anxious over seeing a syllabus and all of your assignments for the next few months on a sheet of paper – don’t let that deter you from getting involved with activities outside of the classroom.

Most of the memories you make will be outside of the classroom, many of the friends you make will be from joining clubs and activities that interest you, and who knows—you just might find what you are truly passionate about when you are trying new things.

The biggest thing I don’t regret from college is getting involved right away. Whether it’s just one club, or a few, or you attend every general interest meeting (not the worst idea…and you wouldn’t be the first), activities outside of class make your college career, especially at Clark, a place known for its passionate people.


Dip your feet, splash around, or flip off the diving board.


Dipping your feet- Some clubs you may try out for a little while because you like one aspect – maybe it’s not for you. No worries; you tried!

Splash around- Some clubs you join will interest you right away and you will become a frequent attendee of meetings and events. This is great and holds all of the benefits listed above.

Flip off the diving board-This may not happen right away, but one club might just make you think that it was made for you. You could become a member of the E-board, hold a leadership position, and really perpetuate its mission.


Here are some experiences that I’ve had:


Eco-Reps: This was a club that I knew I wanted to join before I even arrived on campus.

577943_421740847837546_492116668_nOne of the reasons I came to Clark was because of the environmental program and this has allowed me to plan and participate in really cool events including our annual Go Green on the Green, conferences around New England, and meets lots of other people who are passionate about the environment.




Take Back the Tap: This is a group that I started on campus to provide the Clark community with options for water besides plastic water bottles. We were awarded grant money to install water filling stations around campus and provide students and faculty with reusable water bottles. We have a lot more amazing news coming this semester that I am excited to release soon!



SARC Dinner in NYC

SARC Dinner in NYC

Other clubs that I have been pretty involved with are SARC, the association that connects alumni and current students; Youth Outreach Worcester, a club that allows Clark students to facilitate conversations (i.e. about bullying, race, and gender) in surrounding high schools that typically wouldn’t occur; and Club Lacrosse, which I have written about before. I have been really involved in Student Council, holding leadership positions and helping with the allocation of hundreds of thousands of dollars.


There have also been clubs that I tried out that weren’t a great fit for me – and that is just as valuable a lesson as anything. My first year I took salsa lessons and was definitely fun, but the timing stopped working for me and I had to pick and choose what I wanted to spend my time doing. I also did crew during my first year. It’s still a sport I love and would get back into one day, but it was basically that or everything else. Collegiate sports are very time consuming. I wrote for The Scarlet, Clark’s student newspaper for a few weeks, but I really got my fill of writing from this blog and the preponderance of papers I was writing weekly for class. There are others that I tried, as well, but in the end you have to choose what you spend your time doing and don’t regret trying any of them!


This year, as always, there will be new clubs and old clubs to join. I really want to focus some time on making the entrepreneurship club as good as I’ve heard it used to be, especially since I really enjoyed my summer working with start-ups!


Well, it’s a new semester and time to do new things. Best of luck, Clarkies! And as always, leave a comment or question!

*If you want to read about my first year at Clark, click here and go to the archives section!



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