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April 26, 2013


Academic Spree Day


Many first year students get confused when they hear about Spree Day and Academic Spree Day. I’ll stop that confusion right here. Make sure you read this post so you’re not the person to mix them up!

Two weeks ago I posted some photos from Spree Day, a day when classes are canceled and Clarkies can have fun on the green. Today I am posting about Academic Spree Day – a day very different from Spree Day, but still a really cool event to be part of. Once a semester, Clark holds a day when students can present all of the interested research or projects that they have been working on.


If you have been on a visit experience at Clark, you must have heard that Clark is the smallest liberal arts research university. Research is definitely something that is prominent here – in any field from English to Environmental Science, Chemistry, or History. Many students rave that the research that they do here, students at other school could never participate in until graduate school.

Emma, my suitemate next year, works in the stickleback lab, looking at how stickleback have evolved and what you can tell about them based on a backbone or lack thereof. Kevin, another one of your Clark Diarists, blogs about the psychology research he is involved with all the time! Last year when I was studying on Western Europe, I did research on the placement of recycling bins in European cities.

At Academic Spree Day I presented research from a political science class I was in last semester about how we predicted the results for the presidential election. If you look at this poster of a few swing states, you will notice that there is much more red, but Obama won all of the states on this chart (left). During the election we were researching the prominent issues in swing states to identify who would win, why, and by what margin.



Here are some other presentations from the day.





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