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April 24, 2013

Go Green on the Green!

486850_592383550773274_1977225276_nThis past weekend was Go Green on the Green, the largest event that Eco-Reps holds during the year. The event is an all day fair that consists of bands, environmental groups, free food, and fun. This year we had a giant inflatable that represented what one-ton of carbon dioxide looks like. It was really cool because many times its difficult for people to image how much carbon dioxide they are actually using and what that looks like, but this allows people to visualize it.


We had food from One Love Café, a local Worcester restaurant owned by a really nice family that makes customary Caribbean food.


We also had a bunch of bands, including Clark’s own Juru Zen, Four Legged Faithful, and Big Tree. Click on the names and hear some music!


Two really big things happened at this years’ Go Green Event that we haven’t had in the past. One was that Food Truth, a group at Clark that advocates for “real food,” had a contract signed by the President of Clark, The Manager of Dining Services, and the Business Manager saying that they commit to providing 20% real food by 2020. Clark University if the first college in the state of Massachusetts to sign on to this, so everyone was very excited! Click here to learn about the Real Food Challenge.


Another special event that took place this year was that Simon Davis Cohen, the created of Read the Dirt, an online site that has a compilation of writings about the environment, came. He spoke about food justice and about food corporations and what we can do. It was really interesting to hear someone right out of college speak about a topic that we are all so passionate about.


Go Green on the Green is an annual event held at Clark University around the time that Earth Day takes place. Just one of the reasons that makes Clark University one of the “greenest” schools in the country!

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