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March 30, 2013

Student Initiatives at Clark

On tours, I always talk about student initiatives. I find that it’s something that really differentiates Clark from many other schools. So many things that you see around campus are ideas that came from students that they implemented – and that really shows you the culture of campus.

The Ureka Big Idea Contest is a competition on campus for students to get money to implement their ideas. This week the Student Venture Board met and we saw presentations from some of the winners of this grant to see how they were progressing and decided if we would declare them as an official student venture. Below is a list of official ventures on campus that were all started by students!


Student Run Ventures on Campus:

  1. The Clark Community Thrift Store- Started by entrepreneurship students at Clark to reuse goods instead of having items go into a landfill when they are still good. The thrift store has already taken tons of pounds of waste out of landfills and is a place in Main South where Clark students and neighborhood citizens can both benefit. Clothes and goods can be donated at any point if brought directly to the store; there are also collection days in residence halls towards the end of the year when people are cleaning out their rooms.
  2. Library Lockers- Started by a student who realized that people want to keep books and notebooks in the library instead of bringing them back and forth constantly. Students who want to use the lockers pay a small fee for the semester and can use the space as they wish.
  3. The Local Root- Started by a group of students who wanted to bring a local food option to campus. The farm stand is open once a week selling a myriad of produce that varies by week and time of year. They also sell CSA shares for people to order at the beginning of the semester. They come in every week and you decide how many weeks of the semester you want to order it.
  4. Clark Bazaar- Started by students who want to close the gap between international and domestic students. The pop-up store will sell goods that are made by refugees from other countries. They are in the process of finding out logistically and legally how they can have international goods imported and sold at the bazaar.
  5. Racquet-eering- Started by students who play racquetball, but want to expand be able to play with students, faculty, and staff who don’t own the equipment. In the process of figuring out a system that will allow students to pay a small amount to be able to use the equipment provided when in the athletic center.


Some other really cool student initiatives:


Bike Share

Take Back the Tap

Student Sustainability Fund

Rain Garden



This is just a small sampling of student initiatives. If making your mark is something you are interested in, Clark just might be the place for you!




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