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March 23, 2013

Clark Women’s Lacrosse

Photo cred to Elizabeth Meunier, Sam’s mom, and our biggest fan!


The last time I posted about sports was probably my first semester of college when I rowed crew, but today marked the first official game of Clark Women’s Lacrosse for the 2013 spring season. Our first two games were canceled because of bad weather– for some reason, winter has lasted a long time this year and it’s affected our schedule a little bit, but the random five minute snow fall during today’s game didn’t stop us.

At Clark, Women’s lacrosse is a club team, but you really can take that mean what you want. It falls in between Clark’s 17 Division III Varsity teams and myriad of intramural teams, which are played for recreation. I would argue that our team is one of the most organized and close. The team is a mixture of girls who have played lacrosse for years in high school and before, ranging to players who just picked up a stick for the first time this season. Still, we all somehow seem to bond between the car rides to games on weekends, practices, and get-togethers.

The field is right on the water.Today we had a game at the Coast Guard Academy in Connecticut. Based on our drive through of the campus, it looks like a pretty different atmosphere from Clark. There was definitely a lot more mulch! We were a little nervous going to the game because CGA has a pretty good reputation, but we played well, considering it was our first time on an outdoor field this season (because of the weather and our lack of mulch). More importantly than all the facts of lacrosse, or the game, or how many saves we had (I think it was 8 or 9), is the team camaraderie that comes along with playing a sport.

Me and Coach! She is the BEST!

Most of my friends from high school go to big schools; almost all of them are larger than Clark, if not 10 times larger. They have big football games and sporting events, one of the things I sometimes would like to experience. However, you can’t beat the friendships that Women’s lacrosse has created. Though we don’t bring out thousands of fans to our games, I know that when I think back to my days at Clark, many of the people and memories that will come to mind will be from lacrosse.


I always recommend to perspective and new students that joining clubs and groups on campus will automatically lead you to meeting people with similar interests, and this group is no different. Being on the team allowed me to meet a lot of upperclassmen who became role models and people who could give me advice. Even though all the girls on the team have different majors, minors, hometowns, interests, close friends, and other commitments, when we see each other on campus, we know that you have a bond stronger than many. A bond that wakes us up earlier on some Saturday’s, keeps us up late practicing on Wednesday’s, but one that keeps us moving forward each and every day.

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