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February 24, 2013


Neither is a bad idea.

My roommate, Ericca, who I have blogged about before, was asking me which dress she should wear to class the other day and to her surprise I whipped out some advice my grandma gave me the other day.

“They are both good choices. Neither is a bad idea.”

I’m sure the simple question, “Which dress should I wear today?” was not asking for a response like the one I gave, but I felt it was appropriate. Both dresses were good choices. They both looked really nice – they just had different designs.

Ericca gave me a look and I explained to her what my grandma had told me on the phone a few days earlier.

I called my grandma telling her that I didn’t know which opportunity I wanted to take this summer and I didn’t know where I wanted to study abroad in the fall and I didn’t even know if I wanted to go abroad in the fall or spring or both.

As I listed off different options and possibilities, she said, “Rebecca, they are all good choices. You can’t choose because none of them are bad.”

Many times people get wrapped up deciding where to intern or study abroad or what dress to wear, but the decision is so difficult to make because all of the options are good. When there is one option that is much better, you can make up your mind right away, however, the problem comes when they are all good.

Right about now, and in the next two months, you are going to have to pick which university you want to enroll in for the fall. It will probably be a difficult decision. For some people, the right choice might pop out at you and you’ll know, but when there are many good choices, it’s more difficult to decide.

In the next few months, as you make decisions, just remind yourself that all of your options are good. Both dresses looked good, they just had different designs. Think about what design you want to wear, make a decision, and make the best of it.


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  1. Michael
    Feb 28 2013

    Why did you put a picture of mom in your blog? Looks exactly like her on every tour :)

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