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February 18, 2013

The Bubble

This weekend was Admitted Student’s Open House! Also, my brother, who is in high school, visited me because he is on school break. This weekend, I saw high school students more than usual. When you are in college, you are surrounded by other college students. It’s very unusual that you see people of other ages. Besides professors, about 99.9% of the people you see and interact with on a daily basis are people between the ages of 18 and 22… unless you make a conscious effort to see people of other ages.

Last year I would say that I fell into the category of people who really only spoke to college-aged kids. This year, working at admissions exposed me to consistently seeing high students and parents. When I work in Boston, I walk around seeing young professionals and employees from all different backgrounds and ages. It’s nice to get outside the college bubble and remember that there is much more going on than only what you see.


Last year, while participating in a scavenger hunt at Clark, one of the things that my team needed to find was a baby. It was the only thing we ended up not being able to check off the list.


This weekend many students asked me what the difference between high school and college are…and there are many. I told them some initial differences that most people think of and quoted a book that I blogged about last year here. I can tell you that you’ll make decisions for yourself, wake up later, have fewer hours in class, spend more hours doing homework (sometimes), take classes about topics you’ve never been exposed to or didn’t even know existed, and the rest of the typical list, but something that rarely gets discussed is that you will be in a college bubble. It’s unavoidable.

Though Clark is in a city that allows for many opportunities…as mentioned here, here, and here, primarily you will be on a college campus…which is why sometimes people want to mix it up and study somewhere else for a semester (hint: future blog post foreshadowing).

Anyway, current college students know what I am referring to…and what type of blogger would I be if I didn’t give you suggestions to escape “the bubble?”

  1. Read the newspaper – it allows you see that there is life outside of college
  2. Follow different news sources on Twitter – it’s a sneaky way to stay informed
  3. Learn about the city your university is in and go to events around the area – this is one of the FAVORITE things to do!
  4. Find an internship or volunteer experience that will make you leave campus sometimes
  5. Take public transportation, ride a bike, or just get lost – but I guarantee you’ll find something cool (especially in Worcester)!


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